Gelcolor by OPI

22 Feb

OPI Gelcolor
At a local salon on Sunset Boulevard called “Nails by Design” I tried this nail service called Gelcolor by OPI. I got it done in a translucent white color first called “Funny Bunny.” Gel nail color is suposed to last longer than regular nail polish, mine lasted over a week, with not a single chip or broken nail! I have very thin nails that bend and break super easily. This product is AMAZING. I’m so happy with the results. I went back and got a different color called “princess” which is a light shimmery pink.
You need to get this done at a professional salon, and removing it seems tricky so I get it done at the salon also. I get 3 coats of the nail color, plus a base coat and top coat. Each coat gets exposed to uv light to dry, but they put fingerless gloves on your hands to prtect them from the UV rays. Another AMAZING plus to this great product is that it’s perfectly dry as soon as you are done wth the process. No need to worry about messing up your nails as soon as you leave the salon!

I’ve never been able to wear regular nail polish, it always chips off a few hours after completing my manicure. Gelcolor has finally made it possible for me to wear nail color that lasts!  
And my nails are stronger and it keeps them from breaking, so now they are longer and so pretty!

A photo of my nails 8 days after manicure, as you can see, no chips:


mani after 8 days, no chips!

I’m going to get it redone again before my swimwear photoshoot in hawaii this weekend, I will try to take photos of the process and tell you more!

At my salon it costs $40.00 plus tip. Which is more than a regular manicure, but it’s worth every penny!


So, I went back to the nail salon, had them remove it, for a $5 charge and apply it fresh for my photoshoot in Hawaii:

Since I always need to keep my nails neutral and natural for shoots, I’ve always favored the classic French Manicure, so I asked them if they could give me a FM with the Gelcolor? To my suprise they said yes, and that it was very easy to do. I had it applied on Friday, and the photo below is from the following Wednesday (so 5 days later, and it still looks amazing!)

I’m super happy with this amazing new nail color invention! Plus, my natural nails are getting longer, with no breaks or polish chipping!


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