Fashion Inspiration Board

3 May


 I’ve started thinking about the goals I want to accomplish this year. Among them, I want to start dressing better, classier, and more fashionable.

One of the ways that I’m accomplishing this goal is by collecting inspirational photos to display, so I’m constantly surrounded by the fashionable women I want to emulate.

So this year so far, I have been completely revamping my closet (that’s a whole other blog post in itself). And with that “re-vamp” I have found room on the back of my closet door to make an inspiration board of ideas for outfits. It has really helped me to get dressed when I’m in the closet and feeling very overwhelmed, and indecisive about what to wear. It also gives me new ideas of what to pair together for a new look, that I otherwise might not have thought of. 

Making a fashion board is one of the easiest and best things you can do to improve your style. If you dont have room for a Board, try using a binder or notebook to store your pictures.

I get my inspirations from the internet, where I print out the photos that I like, or from all those catalogs I get in the mail and never know quite what to do with, and of course fashion magazines.

Here is a photo of my fashion board on the back of my closet door, I’ve just started it. Just keep in mind that you should constantly be adding to it, and well as removing things from it every month or so to keep it updated.


If you haven’t noticed already, in the photo you can see tiny handwritten notes that I made about what I liked about the outfit, or what I thought was a great idea to try.

What is great about this idea is that it also helps me to know what to shop for. For example, if I like an outfit that requires white pants, and I don’t have white pants, I will know what to shop for next time I am at the mall. I also try to keep the “trendy” items to a minimum, and buy staple pieces with a little flare that I can wear them for many seasons.


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