Manicure Trend

3 May

Multi-Colored Nail Trend. I tried it, subtly!

I’ve noticed a nail trend lately where you paint eight nails the same color and the remaining two nails a contrasting color. So many celebrities like Beyoncé & Rihanna are rocking this daring style seems like a cute idea.

Vanessa Hudgens and Beyonce Multi Colored Nails

Even though I need to keep my nails a constant neutral/natural color for photoshoots, I thought this look would allow me to have some fun, and client’s wouldn’t even notice in the photos. I gave this look a go. The outcome was cuter than I had anticipated. My go-to manicure is always a French Manicure, classic, classy, and pretty. So for the different nail color, I chose to paint my ring finger on each hand with a silver tip. This matches my diamond rings (which you can see in a later post titled “Ring Bling”)  and it looks absolutely stunning. I used my favorite highly pigmented silver nail polish from Borghese in “Chroma.”


Above: I did it myself, adding silver polish only to 1 tip on each hand. Super easy and cute!

I love how a simple bottle of nail color can show off our personality and perk up your style whether it’s for a night out or every day at the office. This trend is subtle enough for even me, which makes me believe even you can pull this one off.

What do you think of this nail trend? Will you try it out or have you tried it already? Comment below to share your thoughts on this new style.


One Response to “Manicure Trend”

  1. Carissa May 4, 2012 at 12:47 am #

    I love the trend I think it adds interest to the look and I love how you can make it so it shows a little bit of a spunk and your personality, even when the trend is over I think I’ll still be doing it!

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