Right-Hand Ring-Bling

5 May

I absolutely love my ring hand bling!!

I have 3 fingers covered in pave diamonds! So sparkly and pretty!! Just thought I would share some info about these gorgeous rings I have 😉

There are 3 bands on my pinky finger, one in yellow gold, one in white gold, and one in rose gold. The rose gold one has smaller diamonds on it than the other 2. I got the rose gold and the white gold ones first. I bought them for myself and wore them every day, sometimes even at photoshoots because they are subtle enough to not be noticed. I added the yellow gold one at a later time. I always got compliments on the pinky rings when I would only wear those. They are unique and slender enough to wear everyday for any occasion. I would recommend these if you want something subtle and practical for everyday.

Then, as a very generous gift from my loving fiance, on a non-special day, he got me the ring the I wear now on my middle finger. I used to wear it on the left hand until he proposed. Everyone kept telling me I had to take it off my left hand because it was taking away from my engagement ring. So, I did. and it landed on the middle finger of my right hand. Sometimes I will wear it on my index finger on my right hand, those fingers are the same size, so I can switch it. But I prefer to wear it on the middle finger. This gorgeous ring is white gold with just over 2K of diamonds on the top. it is just a plain gold band underneath. I like this design as opposed to an eternity band because the diamonds don’t go all the way around the ring, and keeps me from banging or damaging it.   This one and the pinky rings (described above) are from XIV Karats jewelery store in Beverly Hills.

This photo is from the day I got it. I was driving home from the jewelry store, and couldn’t help but take a photo of the way it sparkled in the sunlight 🙂

Last but not least, My Pave Diamond Wheaton David Yurman ring. What a beautiful design! My sweet fiance took me into the David Yurman store on Rodeo Drive one afternoon and told me to pick out a ring. This one, in my opinion was one of the best they had! I just love this ring, it’s got the signature cable style of David Yurman as the band, made of sterling silver & has 1.27K of diamonds. It also comes in a larger size, I have the smaller one. If you are looking for a right hand ring, or something to spoil yourself with, I highly recommend this beautiful ring. Despite the cable band, it still has a very feminine quality about it. David Yurman is also very good about replacing or giving you a new ring, if any of the diamonds fall out. (Which always tends to happen eventually with pave diamonds, as I have come to learn. I have lost diamonds on ALL of these rings at some point.)

Here is the link to this ring on the website:

I hope that you enjoyed this post about my right hand bling. I’m not trying to brag, I just love them and want to Share them with you. I have such a giving and loving fiance, he knows that I love things that sparkle, and gave me sparkles on my hand.  I wear them everyday, and it reminds me how much I’m loved.

😉 Thank you Andre for my beautiful rings! xoxox


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