Flip Flop Organizer

18 May

What do you guys do with your Flip Flops, Sandals & Flats? Maybe I have too many pairs, but I like having them in different colors and styles. I used to put them in a plastic bin drawer, and then in a basket in the bottom of my closet, which ends up looking messy and I can’t see what is in the bottom of the drawer . I have even seen some girls that put them in those over the door shoe organizers, but I needed to come up with another way to organize my flip flops during my closet renovation. I wanted a solution that didn’t take up very much space, made it easy for me to see what flip flops I had as well as easy to put them away easily so they didn’t end up a mess on the floor.

I looked around at what I already had in my house. I had bought this drawer organizer for storing some of my extra makeup in, but realized I just ended up storing junk in it, so I grabbed it and tried to see if my flip flops would fit in it.

This is what the organizer looks like with nothing in it:

OMG, this was the BEST idea I’ve ever had! It worked so perfectly, and solved this flipflop mess that I had in my closet.

Because there are different sections I can place the flip flops in it by type and by color. I place each pair, sole-to-sole upright in each compartment with makes it easy for me to see which flip flops they are, and I can even stack similar ones together in each section.

Here is the organizer with one pair of flip flops in it:

You can place them in Vertically

Or Horizontally, depending on the size of your flip flops and where you want to put it.

The ones that I wear most often, I placed in the front sections of the organizer so that they are easy to see, take out and put back away.

This makes it convenient for me to slide it in and out from under a stool I keep in my closet (to reach things on the top shelf) which keeps it out of the way, and utilized the space under the stool.

Here is a photo of what it looks like with a bunch of shoes in it. I left one slot empty in the Flip Flop Organizer, so you can see how I have it, and maybe for a new pair that I might be adding to my collection soon since summer is coming up?

I purchased this organizer at HomeGoods. You also might be able to find something like this at TJMaxx or Ross. Sometimes those stores have great organizers. And it was only $7.00!!


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