Organizing Nail Polish & Keys

18 May

It sounds weird that I would pair together in a blog post, “Organizing Nail Polish & Keys” together, but I have a good reason why!
I will start with organizing my nail polish…

I don’t have a huge collection of nail polishes, just a few, and then some manicure tools like nail files and clippers, ect.

I wanted to find a solution for organizing my nail polishes which I wanted to keep hidden in my linen closet outside of my bathroom.

I needed some sort of system/container that allowed me to see what I had in there, so I looked for a clear container, and one that could be closed and easily taken out of the closet and moved into my bedroom if i wanted to do my nails.

I was looking and looking, and came across this container from “wet & wild” at a CVS Pharmacy. It had all of the features I was looking for, including a removable shelf for my nail tools. I can even keep the lid flipped open while sitting on the closed shelf for easy access to grabbing things quickly. It looks nice, and keeps my polishes organized.

Now, Organizing your Keys…

With that being said, here’s another great use for those nail polishes that you have besides just painting your nails.

Color code your Keys by painting the tops with your favorite nail polish colors! I recommend only painting the round top part, so that you don’t mess up the actual key part that needs to fit in the door. This is a totally inexpensive/free way to organize your keys and give them a little “dressing up.” This is a great alternative to those chunky rubber key toppers that end up getting dirty and gross anyway. The nail polish surprisingly lasts a long time without chipping off. I have a lot of keys, and this makes it so much easier to find the right one quickly.

Here is how you can do this cool technique:

Paint one side of the top of the key. I like to paint it on thick, which takes longer to dry, so of course be patient in this process. Allow the nail polish plenty of time to fully dry.  Place the keys on a surface like tinfoil or a paper plate so that you don’t get nail polish on the counter if it drips off. But try your hardest not to allow the paint to drip off, you don’t want to make a mess or have it stick to the drying surface. So try to avoid this.

I always paint on like 2 or 3 coats of nail polish on each side. Once one side is completely dry, flip it over and do the other side. This actually makes your keys look so much cuter and if you paint them different colors it is easier to grab the one you need right away!

I also recommend using fun polishes like glitter ones over the nail colors to add a little extra glam and sparkle!!

Let me know how this works for you? Send me photos of your cute new keys and I will post them at the bottom of this post for other viewers to see! Send photos to me at and put “Keys” in the subject line.


Thanks for reading this post! I hope that I inspired you!


One Response to “Organizing Nail Polish & Keys”

  1. elisabeth koren May 19, 2012 at 1:51 am #

    Love the idea with different nailpolish color on my key:)) Great idea!!

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