Sunnies Organizer (Sunglasses)

18 May

If you read my Flip Flop Organizer blog post,  this might look familiar. This is the same idea as the flip flop organizer, but with Sunnies! (Sunnies is the nick name I call my Sunglasses.)

So I have a few pairs, and I always like to keep them in their cases to prevent them from getting broken or scratched. But what to do with the case? Where do I store them? How?
After coming up with my genius Flip Flop Organizing idea, I realized that this type of organizer would also work for my Sunnies! I found a smaller one, with only 4 compartments which was perfect for my 4 Sunnies cases! I also purchased this one at HomeGoods. They sit upright in the container which is easy to see and grab. It is so important for me to organize items where they can be viewed easily, and for it to be easy for me to put them away after using them. Otherwise, it will end up elsewhere in my home, or get lost.

It is so nice to have all my Sunnies organized together, I have them placed on a metal shower rack at the entrance of my closet, so it can be the last thing I grab before I walk out the door for my day!

What do you think of this idea? I’ve also seen cool ones like this at my photo shoots, and have done some research and found similar ones on, but I like to store them inside their cases so I can just grab the whole thing and go.


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