21 May

The Fan Brush is Sunset Blonde’s MUST HAVE makeup tool.

And I bet, most of you have never even owned one, and if you do, you don’t know what it is for!?

If so, you are missing out on this amazing little beauty tool!

Luckily for you, I have really incredible high quality fan bushes for you to purchase for your collection from SUNSET BLONDE BEAUTY! I have 2 different size Fan Brushes available. The luxuriously soft FANCY FACE Brush, and delicately soft FANCY CHEEKY Brush.

I highly recommend at least 2 of the FANCY FACE Brush, and at least 2 of FANCY CHEEKY Brushes. Here’s why 

A fan brush has a boatload of uses, and once you try it, you’ll never give it up.

Brush Off Eye Shadow Crumbs

It can be hard to apply eye shadow and mascara without having bits of powder shadow or bits of mascara drop to your cheeks. One solution is to do your eye make-up first, so that you can wash the stray make-up off. For those of us who prefer to do the eyes last, the fan brush, used with a light hand, can brush those flecks right off without smearing them. You gotta love that. You need to keep this brush super clean all the time, so it’s a good idea to own more than one of these FANCY CHEEKY Brushes.

Apply Powder Foundation

Whether you’re using a powdered mineral foundation, a foundation with bits of gold, or a baked foundation , apply it with Sunset Blonde’s FANCY FACE Brush. The fan brush gives you far more control over how much you use and where you use it than the large ROUND types. You can layer for more foundation, or apply one or two coats for an even and natural look.

Blush Application

The FANCY CHEEKY Brush is THE perfect tool for applying blush. The brush picks up less color than an angled or blush brush, and makes it easy to apply it where you want to. One or two sweeps give you a natural look for day, or layer on more for a glam evening look. It allows you to apply it gently and softly, without ever making a mistake or looking like a clown.

Bronzer Application

Like blush, bronzer can be applied easily with the FANCY CHEEKY Brush. The best use of bronzers is to sweep them lightly across those parts of the face that the sun would hit the most: the cheekbones; the nose; the chin; and above the brows and along the hairline. Again, the fan brush lets you pick up a smaller amount of product so that you can keep the application light. If you want it darker, layer on more color.

Highlighter Application
Use the FANCY CHEEKY Brush to sparsely dust a light, shimmery powder over the apple of your cheeks and the middle of your forehead to bring out these areas through highlighting.

Shading Application

With the FANCY CHEEKY Brush you can also use your bronzer/a darker shade of powder to shade under your cheekbones and under your jawline to define your face subtly enough for even daytime wear! How great is that?

Powder Application

Powder to set your make-up is the last step in make-up application for many women, and the FANCY FACE Brush is ideal for this. Brushing a fine layer of powder over your face with FANCY FACE Brush will set your make-up, and you won’t have that “powdered” overdone look,

So, put your fan brush to work! And if you don’t have one, what are you waiting for?

Purchase the best ones from SUNSET BLONDE BEAUTY


For special PRE-Order opportunities for the FANCY FACE Brush & FANCY CHEEKY Brush email me at

Thanks! And can’t wait to share these amazing brushes with you! They will change the way you do your makeup!


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