Obsessed! Hot Pink AVIATORS

10 Jun

OBSESSED! Hot Pink Aviator Sunglasses!!

How hot are these neon pink sunnies?

I’m in Hawaii today on a photo shoot, and these were one of the cool accessories they had to match the bikinis that I modeled in. . . I picked them up and wore them in between shooting because I fell in love. I love pink, being as girlie as I am, it’s no surprise I’m sure.

I mean, how fun, and a nice alternative to play up an outfit with the sunglasses as the accessory?

Being that I just had to have these, I asked the company if I could have them. Sometimes they will give me things from our shoots, but unfortunately not these. So, as soon as I got back from the photo shoot, I grabbed my laptop and searched for these sunnies to share with you!

So here is where you can order them from, and the best part…….

They are super cheap. . . as sunglasses should be 😉 The price tag on the ones I was wearing today was $15, but I found the similar ones for only $10, PLUS they are on sale for BOGO 50% off. So you can buy 2 pairs for $15. So order one for yourself and a girlfriend, or order 2 pairs in case one gets lost or broken.

CLICK HERE to view where to buy!




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