What’s in your makeup?

10 Jun

Is your makeup safe? What is in your makeup & beauty products exactly?

Considering that I am a Makeup Artist, Model, and general lover of beauty, I’m always looking for new products or makeup to enhance beauty. Unfortunately, there is a lot of controversy and hazards that we don’t even realize when it comes to using all of these beauty products. I did some research, and I wanted to share this website that I came across that rates products based on a few different health factors. Check it out and tell me what you think?

Click on the link below, then in the search box on the home page, type in the beauty product that you would like to look up.

It’s called EWG;s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database

Also, what do you guys think about this subject?

Do you know of any other resources like this?

It interests me because I always care about health and I know that some products are such scams. I always try to read ingredients and be more aware.




One Response to “What’s in your makeup?”

  1. Kelley June 24, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    I’ve been using EWG for about a year now after a makeup artist friend told me about it. I had to throw out some makeup after seeing how toxic it was. I really try to be more conscious of what I use on my body and face. This website: is owned by EWG and you can see the video about what companies put into their products. Thanks for sharing it!! 🙂

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