Jet Set Beauty Survival

13 Jun

I fly a lot. For jobs, for vacations, to visit my family, for holidays. . . I’m always flying somewhere. So I’ve become an expert at bringing things along to make my flight more comfortable and enjoyable. Because, let’s face it, flying sucks.

A recent trip to Oahu, Photo from the airplane.

Staying beautiful can be difficult when flying. There are also a few things that I do before heading to the airport to prepare for my flight, besides just packing. Beauty tips, food/drinks items that are good to bring, and things to do while on the airplane.

My laptop, makeup bag, and purse underneath my seat

I use Kiehl’s Creme de Corps body lotion from the neck down to prevent my skin from getting dry and tight on the airplane. It doesn’t have a fragrance either, so it wont bother anyone else on the flight. But this is the ONLY lotion that I use, and it’s the best I’ve ever used. It really moisturizes my skin for hours and makes me feel comfortable in the dryness of an airplane. I apply it and let in soak in for 10 minutes before getting dressed.This is also great to bring with you if you are going to a cold destination, it helps combat the dryness of cold air as well. I know this lotion is expensive for a lotion, but I seriously haven’t found any lotion that works quite like this one does. So, it’s worth the money. And since I don’t end up buying other lotions that go unused, the extra money I spend on this lotion isn’t going to waste. I don’t ever get onto a flight without applying this first.

I like to bring with a small bottle of the Kiehl’s Creme de corps lotion on the plane with me, or a vitamin E oil that I use on my hands, cuticles, and anywhere else that needs some extra TLC. I also use this to love on my fiance and give him a nice hand massage during the flight, his hands get dry too! I make my own travel bottle of the Creme de Corps lotion to take with me by using a travel size bottle (airplane approved) and make sure you use one that will not leak!

Chapstick, lip balm or lip gloss, depending on what kind of girl you are. Going back to the dry theme on airplanes, I usually just make sure I bring any type of lip gloss with me, but I especially like the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip glosses!

I always bring with me makeup remover wipes to refresh my face during the flight. Especially if I want to sleep, it’s always nice to wake up to a clean face. I love to moisturize my face while on the flight a well. It gives me something to do, and helps make me feel refreshed. I like these Neutrogena, but any kind that you prefer will do.

Facial Moisturizer! Bring your favorite facial moisturizer, just make sure that it is in a container small enough to bring through security otherwise you will have to throw it out. I know everyone has a different preference for this one, and there is no right or wrong, it’s just what works for your skin. I’m always trying different moisturizers. At the moment,  I like to use Vitamin E oil on my face on airplanes and let it soak in. Or I will use my Night cream which is by Neutrogena and has a retinol in it. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer. I use the night version because I find it more hydrating while on a plane, and it also gives me some anti aging benefits without drying out my skin.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer

Tea. I ask for hot water from the flight attendant and make my own tea. I bring my own teabags of teas that I like. The ones that they give you on the plane are just the boring black tea. I prefer an organic green tea or an herbal tea. It’s important to stay hydrated while flying, and I love the health benefits of tea, it also keeps me from drinking something unhealthy like soda. I don’t add any sugar to my tea, I prefer it just tea and water. But usually the flight attendants ask me if I need a lemon or sweetener, so if you need something else with your tea, you have the option. I also sometimes use the steam from the tea to steam my face a little, soothing some of the tightness if it feels really dry.

I wear contacts, so after sleeping or a long period of time, my contacts feel dry, so I always have eye drops. I like these Blink-n-clean ones, especially if it is a long flight to Europe it really refreshes my lenses. This one, is only for contact wearers…obviously.

Hand sanitizer in a very small bottle comes in handy, even the airplane bathrooms feel dirty, so having the extra sanitizer to clean your hands is a good idea. If you forget hand sanitizer, the makeup wipes can also double as a hand cleaner.

A mini brush helps to get out tangles from sitting against the seat, and smooths out hair making it look softer before getting off your flight. A travel mirror or a compact with a mirror in it, I like to have the small travel brushes with the mirror attached. A Pop-Up travel brush, so easy and convenient. I got mine at Target because it’s so much cheaper than the one the carry at Sephora.  This allows me to fix my makeup & hair or see what I have going on while in my seat, not having to make an extra trip to the bathroom. Clever and cute, a Pop-Up Travel Brush snaps closed, keeping bristles separated from whatever else is in your bag.

A makeup bag, for either a touch up, or if you wiped it off during your flight, as I usually do, it’s nice to have what you need to fix your face.  Especially if you are going somewhere right after you land at your destination where you need to look your best.

I have a small Kate Spade makeup bag that I keep all of the above smaller items in when I travel, and throw it in my purse. It makes finding the small items easy. You can use any small makeup bag, or even a plastic bag if you prefer. But I like the shape of this one, and it is easy to find things in it.

Inside of this bag I also keep a small selection of medicines such as chewable Dramamine, chewable pepto bismal, benydryl, advil, and alka seltzer. Dramamine is for the motion sickness I sometimes get while flying, but it also helps me to sleep. I take half of a chewable Dramamine and it knocks me out before the flight even takes off. It also keeps me from getting nauseous. The pepto and alka seltzer are for tummy aches (you never know with airplane food) and the benydryl is just in case of an allergic reaction, when traveling you are exposed to so many things. Advil is for my minor pains or headaches.

* You can customize your mini medicine selection for whatever ails you, this is just a suggestion based on what I need from time to time. I’m not a doctor, not am I recommending that you take these.

Magazines are always great reading material, and give you something to occupy your flight and waiting time.  So many to choose from, they are easy to purchase at the airport, and if you don’t want to lug them around after the flight, you can always offer it up to someone else when you are done with it. I like to buy the beauty and fashion magazines, and lately, since I’m getting married next year, it’s fun to get some bridal magazines for inspiration! These are the latest ones that I purchased for a flight:

Dried fruit. Dried fruit is a great healthy snack for airplanes. I always bring dried mango because it is my favorite, and is sweet so it satisfies my sweet tooth. And it is easy to travel with, it won’t get smashed or spill in a bag. Trader Joe’s always has a great selection of dried fruits and nuts that are great for travel. 7D Dried Mangoes are my favorite. You can order them online, but the only place I’ve been able to but them at is in Hawaii.

A comfy blanket or wrap. I am super girlie, so when I saw this luxurious travel blanket from NAP at Brookstone, I bought it at the airport. One side features our ultra-plush NapSoft material, the other side is made of smooth, cool satin and it measures 36″ x 52″. It is soft and plush on one side and satin on the other. So me!! And it’s pink. I’m always cold on flights, and it just feels so much more cozy when you have a blanket to wrap yourself up in. Most airlines don’t even give you blankets anymore. It also can be folded up and used as back support or as a pillow. I always need a blanket & have had mine for over 5 years now, I love it for travel. It comes in several different colors and is around $35.

A full on foundation application is way to much for a flight, and I’ve told you girls about this before, but Bare Minerals Powder Foundation is my best friend. It is a super easy in flight makeup touch up, and easy to apply without making mistakes.I have a really great to-go case called the Bare Minerals Flawless Face Case which you can only buy online now, but if you love Bare Minerals, get it before it sells out. This is the perfect to-go kit for your makeup and makes applying it on an airplane less messy. On this link it is only $28 at Nordstrom, as compared to the one on the Bare Minerals official website priced at $32.

Bare Minerals Flawless Face Case

This is my face with Bare Minerals in Golden Medium color, photo taken on an airplane with my phone camera. As you can see, it makes my skin look flawless.

A little bit of Bare Minerals goes a long way- It’s great for travel!

Hair accessories such as elastics and bobby pins. Just in case I want to throw my hair up after a long flight.

Last but not least, Movies Movies Movies! If you are a movie lover like I am, there is no better way to pass the time than watch a movie. My fiance always brings his ipad with tons of movies and Tv shows for us to watch. You need a double headphone adapter if you plan to share your movie watching with someone. The ipad is better for watching movies than my laptop because the battery so much last longer. So on flights I only use my laptop for writing, or designing.


Wishing you safe and happy travels!




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    This was a VERY helpful post!! Thank you so much for the advice! 🙂

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