Day 4: Hawaii Polo Match + Trish McEvoy Makeup

14 Jun

On our day off here in Hawaii we got invited to a Polo Match! This was very exciting for me, since I’ve never seen a polo match, other than in the movie Pretty Woman.

Me watching the polo match

I am going to share with you some of the fun details of this event, where it was, what I wore, etc.  But what I really want to share with you is the free makeup that I received in the gift bags! Because you know me, I love beauty!

Makeup by Trish McEvoy!

A little bit about the polo match:

The Invitation to the Polo Match

The polo field is gorgeous and located right on the beach of Oahu’s beautiful North Shore. To see more, visit their website at

This is what the polo match looked like.

Apparently every polo Sunday you can watch the best players and ponies in the state and from around the world play the ‘sport of kings.’ The gates open at noon on Sundays and games start around 2 pm.

It all started with the pony parade and then moved on to the polo game with exciting half-time activities including skydive stunts and a fashion show! It was sponsored by Mercedes and Porche, so they had the brand new cars drive out onto the field in the opener with the horses!

For all the VIP attendee’s the dress code was ALL WHITE!

We arrived early, so the tables are still empty, but as you can see, every thing is white themed in the VIP area!

How fun? I love white parties, and never wear white because it always gets dirty so fast, so I think for special occasions that it’s great! I wore a big floppy hat that my wonderful friend Katerina Van Derham gave me for my birthday, and attached a white flower to it.

For my outfit, I wanted to wear something sophisticated yet girlie and cute . . .

So I wore a white silk blouse from Banana Republic paired with a blush colored tulle skirt from H&M. I figured since the pink was so light, that it would still look kind of white, and yet, frilly and girlie.

I wore tan wedges from Aldo that are comfortable and wedges are easier to walk around on the grass in. I bought these wedges last year, and they still sell them here: online.  I love them because they are super comfortable & go with so many outfits for summer!

ALDO T-strap sandal in Cognac $70.00

For my accessories I wore my right hand rings for sparkle,  along with cheapy pearl & gold bead bracelets that I got from Forever21 on my left wrist, a Chanel gold and pearl necklace & Chanel mother of pearl CC earrings to class it up! 😉

I bought this vintage white leather waist belt years ago, but never quite found the perfect outfit to pair it with. Luckily, I never got rid of it because finally I had the perfect outfit for it! It cinched the blouse around my waist nicely and pulled the outfit together.

I wanted a small purse because I knew that I would be carrying it around all day, so I brought my small Gucci purse. I loved that my purse had pink leather around the zipper and straps to match with the pink skirt with gold details to match my jewelry!

Me and some of the girls before arriving at the match:
And now, THE MAKEUP!
Upon leaving the event, VIP guest were given a gift bag. To my favor, it was MAKEUP! I got super excited and pulled it all out to see what it was right away! I got a Lipstick Crayon, Eyeliner, and Lip balm from Trish McEvoy.
When I got back to my room, I looked up Trish McEvoy because I had heard the name before, but wasn’t familiar with any of the brand’s products. I looked up the products that I had been given and here’s what I found.
Essential Pencil-Baby Pink
I tried this pencil right away on my lips. I got it in BABY PINK color, but it was more of a shimmery medium pink. Nice, but not as natural as I had hoped for. But I would love to try some of the other colors, they look really nice, and this lip pencil went on smooth and moisturizing. I love that they suggest that this can also be used on cheeks as a cream blush, because I think this shade would be perfect for that use. I would just use this as a lipstick, but if you have to use it as a liner, at least it’s big enough to deter you from making the obvious lip liner mistake.
Beauty Booster Lip Balm SPF 15
I love that this lip balm has Spf 15 in it, I love products that aid in anti aging! Since I’m in Hawaii where it’s gorgeous outside, I’ve been needing a spf for my lips, so this one is perfect. It smelled and felt a lot like Carmex brand lip balms, but I like this tube container better. It is easier and more girly to apply this way. A great free gift!
On the Trish McEvoy website I found a video on how to apply this GEL eyeliner, she explained that it is good to use right in the lash line by lifting the upper eyelid up and making small dots and connecting them. The eyeliner that I received did not have the little smudger tip on the opposite end of the pencil like the full size does, I think mine was more of a sample size. But I tried using it in a similar manor and it applied really well. The pencil is smooth and richly pigmented. I applied it before flying home to Los Angeles, and it was still on and in place when I landed. This was my favorite makeup item that I received in the gift bag.
Thanks for reading!

3 Responses to “Day 4: Hawaii Polo Match + Trish McEvoy Makeup”

  1. kathleenlisson June 15, 2012 at 10:33 am #

    Love the hats and your beautiful white outfit. I like the idea of an all-white dress code for the VIP tent.

  2. samantha (@girlonthefloor) June 18, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    you are so stunning! i discovered you from reading jennifer stano’s blog. i’m addicted to yours now too! thanks for the great tips!!


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