Vanna K

25 Jun

Vanna K

A few months ago I did an Ad Campaign for Vanna K Jewelry. Here are a few on the images from the campaign. I did my own hair and makeup for this shoot, and kept it very natural and elegant. I loved trying on all the fabulous jewels and sparkly diamonds! OMG!

This is a Behind the Scenes shot from the photo shoot at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles.

Photos by Kenny Sweeny.

From the Vanna K Blog:

“Vanna K is the home of today’s most unique collection of micro-pave diamond engagement rings. Representing style, elegance and high-quality, their attention to detail on their one-of-a-kind designs make each piece a wearable work of art.

Inspired by femininity and art deco design, Vanna K’s exclusive designs are classic and truly represent timeless elegance. Vanna K is all about fulfilling a woman’s desire to feel beautiful, ethereal and loved. The finished designs combine the feeling of royalty, using large high-quality sparkling diamonds and the feeling of truly individual style, using the many intricate details of each design.

Here you see just one example of their vintage-inspired hand-crafted engagement rings. This ring, from their Solea Collection, features a gorgeous 6 carat emerald-cut center diamond. While that diamond could stand alone as a regal piece, a Vanna K design doesn’t stop there. The center is beautifully complemented with an additional 1.75 carats of round diamonds encircling it, and further topped off by .10 carat baguettes on each side. The finished look is brilliantly clean and resplendent, while offering additional details that make it unlike any other ring. This is true beauty at its finest. This is Vanna K.

Crown your love a queen today by giving her something as unique as her and as big as your love… give her a Vanna K.”

From the Vanna K Blog:

“Vanna K is proud to be the home of today’s most unique collection of diamond engagement rings. But they are also known for their amazing collection of fashionable fine jewelry.

Just as with their engagement rings, their fashion jewelry is unique in every single way. The beautiful gemstones they use are high-quality, and are often rare and extraordinary. Combine this with exclusive designs you’ll see nowhere else, you find the only jewelry you’ll ever want to wear.

The exquisite set of jewelry featured here is both timeless and breathtaking. The ring is a stunning, rare oval tourmaline with pear-shaped diamonds encompassing it. Complementing it is the majestic, Victorian-inspired necklace, also featuring a rare oval tourmaline, with the design laced in micro-pave diamonds. This set is so dazzling, it will make whatever you wear look simply stunning.

Find this set and other unique, fashionable fine jewelry (as well as gorgeous diamond engagement rings) today at Vanna K.”


Sunset Blonde

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