P.R. Stila Cheek Color Duo

7 Jul

Product Recommendation:

Stila Cheek Color Duo

Color Bronze/ Rose – light pink & roses



I just bought this new Blush from Stila at my shopping trip to Namie’s yesterday. I tried it out in the store, and fell in love!  I also reapplied it before going out to dinner and a movie. It has 2 different shades of blush in one compact little bronze container. It can also be used as eyeshadow, I used the light pink side and dabbed a little on my eyelid and blended with the bronze shade that I was already wearing.

The colors are very shimmery, and usually I don’t go for shimmery cheek color because it can look very unnatural, but there is something fun and girlie about this one that just seems right. I think this is one of those “baked colors” It has a bright rosy pink shade and a plum bronze shade, which allows your to customize your cheek color by mixing them, using only one (the darker shade for a healthy glow, the lighter for fresh radiance), or for contouring. I think because it has shimmery qualities it doesn’t look chalky, it’s a great cheek color for all year round and many different skin tones!

Don’t forget to use the Fancy Cheeky Brush from Sunset Blonde with this blush! It’s the perfect blush brush to use with this blush to give you the most natural and delicate application of cheek color!

The FANCY CHEEKY Brush is THE perfect tool for applying blush, bronzer, highlighter and shading. I recommend getting one for each type of makeup application that you will do.

As a blush brush, the brush picks up less color than an angled or blush brush, and makes it easy to apply it where you want to. A few light sweeps give you a natural look for day, or layer on more for a glam evening look. It allows you to apply it gently and softly, without ever making a mistake or looking like a clown.



Loving this new Stila Cheek Color Duo, I highly recommend it to add to your makeup collection!


Sunset Blonde


One Response to “P.R. Stila Cheek Color Duo”

  1. Danielle Szikszai August 5, 2012 at 2:35 am #

    Id love to see a tutorial for your blush application… Blush can be a bit tricky and leave you looking freaky.

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