The Most Natural Faux Lashes!

13 Jul


Since big full luxuriously long lashes have been a big trend in beauty over the past few years, for many women in my industry faux lashes are a must. Most models that I know, including myself, expect faux lashes to be applied by the makeup artist for the photo shoot. Even I love the look that the fuller faux lash gives my eye. I even know a lot of girls that use Latisse to grow their own lashes even longer, and they still wear false lashes in addition. Faux lashes have almost become the norm for special occasion, and even everyday wear.
Yes, I know that I live in LA LA Land, where a lot of women are “fake” and overdone. But being a model and a makeup artist, I know how a little lash can change your whole face.

So many women that I talk to have trouble applying lashes, and when they do wear them, you can always tell they are wearing them. Strip lashes are the most widely available lashes, and are usually the go-to lash. But I think we are all over looking one tiny detail. . .They look so fake. Not only do the crazy lash styles look incredible fake, but the lash line looks fake. There are a few that have invisible bands, what tend to be a little better, but once you put eyeliner or mascara over it, you are making it more visible.

These look like the normal FLARE Lashes at first, but they are a little different. It’s subtle, but at the base, where the lashes meet, there is NO round “knot.” I’m sure a lot of you have never even heard of “knot free lashes” but let me tell you girl, if you like to wear faux lashes to give your already gorgeous peepers a voluminous boost, these are something new to consider! At first they can be very intimidating and a little difficult to figure out how to apply if you have never applied individual lashes before. But with a little practice and the right technique, it’s totally doable. And, if anything, just for those special occasions, have a friend apply them for you, if you truly struggle with it.



What are knot free lashes and how are they different from regular flare lashes?

Knot free lashes are a lash flare with no “knot” at the very tip where the individual lashes connect at the base. Because there is no knot, it looks more natural at the base of your lash line when you are wearing this type of lash flare. Knot free lashes are more delicate.  Be very gentle when removing them from their packaging on their original tray because there is only a little bit of glue that holds the flares together. They are easily to accidentally pull apart, and it might take a little practice just removing them from the tray. (Always remove them with tweezers. I suggest to flip up the end of the flare with the tweezer and try to grab closer to the base, and delicately pull on all of the lashes to remove. You will need to reposition your grip on the flare in order to dip it in the glue and apply it.)  You need to have wide enough tweezers to gentle grab the whole lash at the base so that you don’t mess up the flare.

Why do I like them over strip lashes?

I prefer them to strip lashes because they look more natural, I can also customize them in any way that I want, full, natural, longer, fuller outer corners for a cat-eye effect, etc.

Why do I like them better than the regular flares?

The same reason why I prefer them over strip lashes, they look more natural. It’s harder to tell that you are wearing them since there is no knot, and because they blend better with your natural lashes.

Are they hard to apply?

It’s not that they are harder to apply than any other lash, but you need the right tools, a good pair of tweezers, a mirror you can get really close to, lash glue, and the right technique! With everything in makeup, since I consider it an art form, it takes a steady hand and some practice, but most importantly the right tools!

What kinds are available?

There are many different types of “knot free” lashes. Ardell makes the best ones (Naturals), Revlon also makes some. They come in black and in brown. They also come in different lengths so that you can customize them in many diffferent ways. Short, medium and long, they even make an “under” lash to go on your bottom lash line. The “under” ones are x-small and can also be used on the top lashes. They even make a multi-pack with 3 different lengths.

Where can I buy them?

That’s sort of the hard part. I know they are not easily available everywhere, and so not many women know about them. If you are shopping online for them, make sure to buy the Ardell brand “Naturals” knot-free lashes. Those are the best ones. I buy mine at Naimies. I just looked for you and they sell them on their website under MAKEUP>EYES>LASHES>ARDELL-DURALASH-NATURALS-FLARE….

They are called “Naturals” by the ARDELL instead of Knot Free.

You can order them here, they sell all 3 lengths as well as a combo pack:

My favorites are the “short” length because they add fullness to my lashes without looking extremely longer than my real lashes. They blend the best, and don’t need to be cut. I can also apply 1 or many without it looking fake.

Ardell Duralash Naturals Flare Short:

Here is where you can buy the COMBO Pack if you want to try different lengths:

Ardell Duralash Naturals Flare Combo Black:

What kind of glue should I use?

There are 3 basic types of glue from Duo White which dried clear, Black, and a semi-permanent glue for individual lashes.

For these lashes I prefer the clear glue because it looks the most natural, and is easily removed with just water. If you use the semi-permanent glue it tends to pull out your own lashes and you need a special remover to get them off. I would only recommend that one if you want to go swimming with them on, and if you wont be tempted to try and pull them off.

How do I remove them?

With the regular lash glues, just a bit of water will allow you to pull them or gently rub them off. I also recommend using baby shampoo. With the Individual lash glue you will need the special remover.

Can I wear them with no mascara?

Yes, just make sure you buy the right color that is closest to your natural lash color. You can even curl them along with your natural lashes with a lash curler. Just be gentle not to pull them off.
These are the ONLY lashes that I like wearing these days. They are by far the the most natural lashes that you can wear. They are also less likely to come off half way through the night like strip lashes can. Because they blend in so well with your natural lashes, they won’t irritate your eyes like strip lashes can. If your eyes water easily, I also recommend these lashes for you.

Are there any tricks for applying these lashes?

1. You can apply clusters BEFORE or AFTER makeup, unlike strip lashes. Applying them after makeup will allow you to reuse them more often, but the lash clusters will usually not look as natural if applied after eye makeup.

2. With a pair of tweezers, pick up the lash clusters by the tips and then apply them one by one from the center of your eye outwards.

3. Here’s another cool tip: Dot glue onto the TOPS of the base, where the hairs are connected together. GO UNDER YOUR LASHES, AND APPLY THEM ON THE TIDE-LINE, right where your lash roots meet your skin. Then use your tweezers to push them firmly upwards so they curve and meld into your natural lashes. Letting the glue dry for a minute will allow them to stick right away, and not fall off.

(Most people apply them from the top down, but your own lashes will tend to get in the way and that is what makes it so hard. Plus, applying  them to the tide line makes them more invisible. When you close your eyes, nobody will see any clumps of glue because the clusters are hidden below your natural lash line.)


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