Wedding Dress Shopping

21 Jul

My Happily Ever After


Where to start? Out of all the things that I could really start to accomplish with my wedding planning, I decided to start with the most fun part for me! Wedding dress shopping. The very first dress I tried on, and I only tried on 2 that day, was when I was visiting my recently married little sister. We visited the dress shop that she bought her dress from. Having no idea what kind of dress I wanted, or what my budget was, they just brought our 2 for me to try on. Both of them were ones that they had just gotten in and hadn’t seen on anyone yet. The first one was really frilly at the bottom, and the second one was satin, with a very long train and a mermaid style. Neither one seemed to be my style, but I had so much fun seeing myself in a wedding dress for the first time.


The second time I went wedding dress shopping was with only one of my bridesmaids at Mary Linn’s in Pasadena. My friend Sarah was so helpful in making the appointment for me & finding which dress shop to go to. I tried on over 15 dresses. All different styles, fabrics and designs. I began looking for dresses with in my budget, but I also tried some on that were over budget because of the style of dress. I really wanted to get an idea of what I liked and didn’t like. My girlfriend was so helpful, if I tried one on that just looked horrible, she would just shake her head quietly. It was so fun to try on so many dresses. When wedding dress shopping most boutiques usually allow you an hour appointment to try on dresses. Mine lasted just over 2 hours, which was really nice of them to allow me extra time. I walked away from that appointment feeling like I now knew exactly the dress I wanted. I wanted a dress that I didn’t have to change any of the little details on. I wanted it to be tight fitting down to my thigh to show off my figure, with a sweetheart style strapless top, a significant amount of sparkle, made of taffeta, and flare out at the bottom with a train, but not too big or too long.

When I went for my third dress shopping appointment, we went to Panache in Beverly Hills. I invited 5 of my girlfriends to come and see me try on dresses and get their opinions. Since I knew the style of dress I was looking for, I went around and picked out ones that looked similar. Since my girlfriends didn’t know what I wanted, they also went around and suggested ones that they liked. I tried on around 10 dresses. It came down to 2 dresses, by the same designer that I just fell in love with. Both dresses were different styles, and one was almost exactly what I was initially looking for, and the other one was one that I wouldn’t have normally selected, but I figured that I would just try it on anyway. I ended up loving both of them, and they were both way below what I was expecting to pay, at half the amount of my budget. This made me so happy, because usually I have the most expensive taste, and always choose the most expensive things without seeing the price. I left the appointment thinking that I wanted the original style that I was looking for. I figured that I would wait a few days before actually buying it just to “sleep on it.” My girlfriends all took photos of me in both of the dresses, which was so incredibly helpful so that I could see how the dress photographed, how I looked in it, and so that I could see the difference. I’ve been obsessed with looking at these photos for the last 24 hours, and still can’t decide with one I like better.


I’ve made another appointment for later this week to go try the 2 dresses on again, and to hopefully decide, and order it!

It usually takes at least 4-6 months for them to make the dress after you have ordered it. Then alterations can take another month to do, and if you want anything custom it can take even longer. So although buying a wedding dress a year before your wedding seems like a really long time out, it’s not. I also will be bringing my dress over to Norway before the wedding, since that’s where I’m getting married.

My girlfriends that got married recently also suggested to me that once I buy my dress to stop looking. That way I don’t find one I like better or second guess my choice.

Honestly, I will be so happy getting the dress decision taken care of, it will be a big relief to not worry about that part of the planning, since there is so much other stuff to do.

I would love to show you photos of the final 2 dresses that my friends took of me, but I don’t want my fiancé to see these photos of me in the dress! So the photos in this post are actually of dresses that I tried on, but are not the ones I liked.


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