Beauty Secret: Baby Shampoo Removes Eye Makeup

2 Aug

This is one of my all time favorite products. Baby Shampoo. Baby body wash works just as well.

I’ve been holding out on sharing this secret of mine with you because I just hold it so dear to me, that I only like to share it with close friends.

But why do I love it so much you wonder?

Here’s why:

I started using baby shampoo years ago to remove my eye makeup. I don’t like using my face wash around my eyes, and I wanted a safe and cheap alternative to most of the makeup removers out there. I wanted a soap-type product that would remove my eye makeup before I applied my face wash. So one day I realized that baby shampoo was the only soap that was gentle enough that doesn’t sting your eyes. I remembered reading on the bottles “tear free.” If it could be used on babies, it has to be safe!

I keep it in the shower and also in a pump dispenser near my sink. I wet my hands, and put some on my fingers and GENTLY rub it into my eye makeup and then I rinse it all away. I usually glance up into the mirror to see if I have rinsed it all way. Sometimes, I need to rinse and repeat because it is so gentle it doesn’t always remove it all the first time. I’m ok with that. I wear contacts, and it is gentle enough to use with contacts as well.

A few years later, at an eye doctor visit, my eye doctor recommended that I try using baby shampoo to remove my eye makeup. She also told me that it can prevent you from getting a sty. I was so please to hear her recommend it, and told her that I was already using it every night.

Since I have other makeup artist putting makeup on me all the time, who knows how clean their makeup is, it is always a little relieving when I go home and wash it off with my baby shampoo. I haven’t gotten a sty since I’ve been using baby shampoo to remove my eye makeup.

A bottle of baby shampoo lasts a really long time when just used for this purpose. It also can double as a body wash or shampoo when you are traveling. There are so many different types and brands of baby shampoo, I’m sure almost any of them would work. . .

So there, now I have told you about my favorite beauty product!  Maybe you have already heard this before, but if you haven’t, try it!

Tip: It doesn’t work to remove water-proof makeup. Only regular eye makeup!


Sunset Blonde

One Response to “Beauty Secret: Baby Shampoo Removes Eye Makeup”

  1. Shahrzad August 2, 2012 at 3:20 am #

    Great tip! I use baby shampoo to wash my brushes because its so gentle, works brilliantly! x

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