Wedding Planning: The Very Beginning

2 Aug

Considering this is my first, and only time I will be planning my wedding, it’s been quite a learning experience so far, and I haven’t gotten very far yet! I’ve never had to plan for something this big, nor for something this far away. I’m getting married in Norway, and I live in California.

I have basically started with the easier things, and am going to try to do as much as I can, but I know I wont be able to, in the end, plan for every detail. And I am happy about that.

My fiance and I made a trip to Norway 6 months ago (1 & 1/2 yrs out from the wedding date), and spent 2 days looking at different wedding locations. We hired a wedding coordinator to take us to different venues. This made it fast and easy to look at locations. We didn’t have to do the research, nor try to figure out where they were. We both knew right away which venue we liked the best. And luckily we both agreed on the same venue!

Having the location out of the way, it also allowed us to finalize the date, and since it was more than a year and a half away, the date that we wanted was available.

We visited Norway again a few months later, revisited the location and met with their on-site coordinator to discuss more details of the wedding day. We decided to do a food tasting a for the dinner while we were in town, and came back a few days later.

When I returned back to LA, I let some time pass, then before I knew it,  I realized that the wedding was a little less than a year away! I needed to start picking up the pace with the wedding planning!

So I set out with my girlfriends on a quest to find my wedding dress. I was lucky enough to find the one within a few weeks of starting my search and ordered it right away so that I could have one more thing checked off the long list of to-dos.

Lately I have been doing research on what colors I want, the details, and elements that I would like to incorporate.

Here is an inspiration board that I made as a starting point:

I’ve decided on the colors white, (ivory, cream, off-white,) beige, sand, taupe, khaki, gold and just a touch of blush.  I want to keep it simple and classic, but not too boring with just plain white. I am also such a girlie girl, and love the idea of adding the girlie element with the pale pink. I’m thinking of having my bridesmaids in a blush chiffon gown, and all of us with white bouquets. I love candles and roses. The men will be wearing black tuxedos, but everything else will be soft and pretty.

So much work to do- I’ve got to get back to planning.

Keep ya posted!


Sunset Blonde

One Response to “Wedding Planning: The Very Beginning”

  1. Therese August 4, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    Why are you getting married in Norway?:)

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