How & Where To Store Perfume

7 Aug

I had no idea until I came across an article in a recent issue of on of my favorite beauty magazines, that there was a right or wrong way to store your perfume. Of course I assumed that you should keep it out of direct sunlight, and heat. I never leave it in a hot car or place it by a window. I store my perfume on a shelf in the bathroom, a place that made perfect sense to me. But, come to find out, that this is NOT the place to store your perfume. Perfume can last anywhere from one to eight years, so wouldn’t you like it to last as long as possible?

Especially, if you have a nice collection of different fragrances like I do, I like to keep the bottles for years. Fortunately, my perfume’s are still ok, and it’s a good thing that I learned this and have moved them since. The reason I moved them from my bathroom is that the hot heat from my ceiling heater (I use it to heat up the bathroom in the winter) and from the shower, plus the humidity can actually change the fragrance for the worst. The ceiling heater:

I love this thing in the winter-warms up the bathroom so quickly-but not so good for my perfumes!

Storing your perfume in a dark cool place is best. The magazine even suggested that you can store them in the refrigerator, but that is so inconvenient and weird to me. (It suggested it can double the life of your perfume, & to keep it away from foods.)

I have a few other suggestions for you that would work and are way more practical. Try storing your perfumes on a pretty tray on a dresser in your bedroom (away from the window and direct sunlight & lamps). Or if you have a walk in closet or any extra shoulder height shelves in your closet, display and store your perfume bottles there. It makes it easy for you to remember to give yourself a spritz while getting dressed. I also spray my lingerie drawer with some perfume from time to time. Makes my closet & nighties smell nice, plus I will smell good getting into bed. 😉


So I stored some of my perfumes, along with some body-sprays here, in this bin on the bathroom shelf:

I also stored some other ones on a tray above these:


After learning this information, I removed my perfumes, and left behind the body sprays, since they are cheaper and I don’t care about them as much. I put the bodyspays on the top shelf:

Then I moved all of my perfumes into my walk in closet, and placed them on a tray on top of the dresser:

I suggest you take another look at where you store your fragrances? Are they safe from heat, sun/direct light, and humidity?


Sunset Blonde


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