Sunset Blonde’s Bow Necklace

10 Aug

I posted a photo on Instagram of a messy ponytail hair-do I did after leaving the salon today, and a few girls posted on the photo that they loved my bow necklace. I commented back saying that I would do a blog post and share where I got it from.

Here it it:

I got the bow necklace recently from Henri Bendel.

I recently got introduced to Henri Bendel by my finace’s friend’s wife. On a shopping day at the mall she wanted to go into the store and buy another one of their bangles that she collects. It was really my first time looking around in the store although I had been in one on other occasions. I realized that even though they made very high priced costume jewelry, they did make some really cute designs. I ended up buying a necklace and a pair of earrings that day.

When I went in again recently to buy a gift for a girlfriend’s birthday, I bought the bow necklace, and a few other things for myself that were on sale because they were 65% off, and super cute! (It is a great place to buy gifts too, if you are stumped on what to get someone. They have candles, frames, purses, bags, scarves, all kinds of travel accessories, ect.)

Unfortunately, this bow necklace was full price, and so cute and girlie, I just had to get it! I love that it has gold and silver on it, because I like to wear both metals. My favorite  “Rachel” name necklace that my mom got for me back in Highschool is gold, and my rings are silver. This bow necklace helps to tie in the different metals and is delicate and cute to layer with other necklaces since it sits high on my chest. There is a little swarovski rhinstone in the middle of the bow, with gold around the center, and the rest of the necklace is silver. Here is a photo closer up, so you can see it on me:

What makes this necklace extra special is the clasp. I know you don’t see the clasp most of the time, but I love the small details that make this designer’s pieces more special. There are even rhinestones on the clasp, and it’s such a unique design:

It comes in gold, and in silver:

Oh, and it also comes in a really cute, more sparkley version of the bow pendant. The only reason why I didn’t get the sparkley one, is because I was afraid that the rhinestones would come off eventually. (I hate when that happens) Although, it is REALLY cute.

Here are the other items that I bought at their 65% off sale, 3 pairs of earrings and a really sexy silk leopard scarf. Such a great deal, and really cute new earrings to wear on my vacation to Greece next week!

There you go girls!


Sunset Blonde


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