Sunset Blonde & The Beautiful View/HELICOPTER

12 Aug

Andre & I


My fiancé flys helicopters, airplanes, and even does aerobatics in airplanes on occasion. He used to be a pilot for United Airlines, and now just flys for fun.
When I first met him, he told me about his “Friday Lunch Flights” that he did every Friday with his friends. I thought this was so cool, and such an interesting hobby for someone to have! All of his friends that fly would fly to Camarillo Airport, have a big lunch at the restaurant there, sitting outside on the patio, and then fly back. All in an few hours of their afternoon. A great way to start off the weekend!

He soon invited me to come along on a FLF, for a ride in the helicopter. Now, I’m pretty adventurous in my life, and this kind of thing doesn’t scare me at all. I actually LOVE flying in helicopters. My first helicopter ride ever was in Hawaii, and I almost cried after because I was so happy that I had the opportunity to fly around in a helicopter on such a gorgeous Island. Flying in a helicopter was on my bucket list of things I wanted to do. Flying in Hawaii was the most beautiful landscape, and amazing experience I had ever had!! So, when Andre invited me to ride in the helicopter with him for the first time, I was super excited!

Not to mention, that the man I was so in love with knew how to fly a helicopter?! OMG, so sexy!!!

My Stud

I don’t go every Friday with  him because sometimes I have photoshoots, or makeup jobs, but I try to go with every opportunity I can. It’s such a great way to see the world. I makes me feel so alive, and makes me realize how small we really are compared to this big world. Seeing our world from up in the sky is such a unique thing to see, and I know not many of you will ever get to experience  something like this. I know some of you would be too scared to ride in a helicopter, so I thought this post would be interesting for you to see the photos I take and to read about it?

So here’s what a typical Flight is like:

We take off from Santa Monica Airport and fly out towards the ocean, over Santa Monica Pier, and fly only about 100ft off the water up the coastline to Malibu. We fly over surfers, sometimes see dolphins, whales, sharks, and get to see some amazing homes from a birds eye view. We then cut through a valley of a canyon in Malibu, seeing gorgeous mountainous terrain, rocks, and greenery. Then the canyon drops us out over farmland in Camarillo, which is beautiful from the sky with all of the perfectly sectioned growing areas for different produce. We then land at the Camarillo airport where we eat lunch. Sometimes we will fly back home the same way, and other times we will take a different route. Yesterday, when I took these photos (below) we flew a different route home, taking us over all of the mountains in Malibu instead of back along the coast. This view is amazing,  just grazing the mountaintops, seeing all the mountaintop mansions, and beautiful valleys below. Then we flew over some of the city viewing some celebrity homes, before landing back at the Santa Monica Airport.

Andre, myself, and Skip. (Skip’s Helicopter)

Here’s are some of the photos from our last flight:

Here’s a photo of my Fiancé flying the helicopter through a Canyon in Malibu.

My Fiancé and I in posing in front of the helicopter before taking off.

I’m ready for takeoff, rocking the headset to protect my ears, with a mic to communicate with the other passengers, it gets really loud in a helicopter. This Helicopter seats 4 people. I always sit in the back seat, because my fiancé and his friend control it in the front.

A view from the helicopter: just took off, and flying towards the ocean. You can see the Santa Monica Pier, when we get to the ocean we turn right and fly right up the coastline, over the pier and along the beach.


View from the helicopter: Flying over the Santa Monica Pier.

A view from the helicopter: Flying barely 100ft off the water, up towards Malibu.

A view from the helicopter: A shot over Andre’s shoulder while he is flying. You can see the ocean right below us.

A view from the helicopter: How beautiful is this view?

A view from the helicopter: flying right over surfers.

A view from the helicopter: Look how turquoise the water is! And you can see our shadow of the helicopter flying right over the ocean! You would sometimes never know how beautiful the ocean in California can be just standing on the shore.

A view from the helicopter: Looking out the window of the helicopter as a friend passes by while doing aerobatics.

A view from the helicopter: My fiancé coming in for a landing at the Camarillo airport.

Our friend getting out of his plane, wearing a parachute (he was the one doing aerobatics). The guys are waiting for him to get out to push his airplane into it’s parking place.

I just thought this shot was cool of the front of the plane.

Moving the plane into the parking spot.

View from the helicopter: This is what the farmland looks like in Camarillo. We are about to fly back over the mountains (we just finished lunch and took off to head back to Santa Monica Airport).

View from the helicopter:
Flying over the mountains, beautiful landscape!

View from the helicopter: the view of another valley, and the ocean in the background.

View from the helicopter: More Mountains

View from the helicopter: flying high!

View from the helicopter: Just passed over the last mountiantop, and now flying back over the city. The coastline is beautiful from this view.

View from the helicopter: looking out over Los Angeles

View from the helicopter: So many homes!

View from the helicopter: Some mansions in the hills!

View from the helicopter: This is our friend Skip, as you can see he doesn’t have his hands on the controls….Andre (to the right-my fiance) is flying.

View from the helicopter: A shot over Andre’s shoulder of him flying the helicopter over Los Angeles.

View from the helicopter: A major highway in Los Angeles, and the cityscape.

View from the helicopter: the Santa Monica Airport

View from the helicopter: Coming in for a landing at the SM airport.

View from the helicopter: Landing safely and smoothly on the ground.

This is the back seat inside the helicopter, where I ride.

The front seat with 2 controls.

the front seat where my fiance sits & flys.

Skip is making an entry in the log book after our flight.

Another shot of the front seats.

Inside the front.

The headsets for the front seats.

After every flight the guys wipe down the outside of the helicopter to clean dirt off and check it for leaks.

They clean the windows and the body of the helicopter. Squeaky clean and ready for next time!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Not exactly on topic for my blog, but I wanted to share it with you all!

Let me know if you have any questions or what your helicopter experiences have been like?


Sunset Blonde

3 Responses to “Sunset Blonde & The Beautiful View/HELICOPTER”

  1. Hannah S August 13, 2012 at 6:22 pm #

    Loved the post. What kind of camera did you use to take your pictures? The quality is perfect!

    • Sunset Blonde's Blog August 15, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

      Thanks for reading! I actually just took photos with my iPhone. But I’m glad you like them!!

  2. Becky September 1, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    Wow! So cool Rachel! Loved the pictures, what an amazing life your living! Inspiring!!! Love your blog, thanks for all the great tips!!

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