Greece Inspired Beach Hat

23 Aug


While flipping through some Magazines during my Greek vacation, it inspired me to buy a cute straw fedora hat at one of the souvenir shops on our visit to the Island of Hydra. I bought a straw type hat that seemed flexible enough to withstand folding and smashing, since I would be traveling back home with it, I wanted one that I could pack in my suitcase and wouldn’t get crushed and ruined. I luckily found the perfect one! With a colorful ribbon  it perfectly matched the colors of bikinis I brought with. A hat is great to wear on the beach or by the pool, it keeps the sun off your scalp and face, and you don’t have to worry about what your hair looks like either!

Magazine Article that inspired my beach hat look.


Cute and girlie beach hat I found in a tourist shop in Greece.

We went to the beach on our last day in Spetses, Greece and I noticed all of the women wearing FEDORAS. Here are some photos I took of them:

I bought my hat on a day visit to the island of Hydra, Greece. Here are a few photos of the cute town that only has donkeys as transportation, no cars!


A photo of the town on the island of Hydra, Greece where I bought the hat.


Cafe’s and shops line the port in Hydra, Greece.


A gift shop in the alley on Hydra, Greece.


The town of Hydra, Greece.

Laying on the rocks sunbathing in Spetses, Greece rocking my beach hat while my fiance snorkels.


Sunset Blonde

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