Fab Feet for the Perfect Shoe

20 Sep

I love wearing high heels, designer heels, cheap heels, no matter how expensive or sexy they are, sometimes some of them just hurt! Whether they squeeze your toes, are too tight, too big, straps don’t stay up, they cause blisters, etc. There are so many different ways that a pair of heels can be uncomfortable. While shopping at Target recently, I noticed that in the shoe isles they have an entire section of little things that you can put on/in your shoes to make them more comfortable and fit better! They where mostly by this brand called Fab Feet. I wanted to buy all of their products to have just in case, but I started with a few that I thought would be most helpful. I didn’t see any of the ones that I bought on the Fab Feet website, only at Target stores and Target.com

Here’s what I bought and tried:

SPOT DOTS Cushions:

I love love love these little guys! For the little spots in your shoes that give you blisters. These things really worked so well to pad any rough or stiff places in my shoes that rub my feet the wrong way. I tend to put them by the toes, or heel area inside the shoe after I’ve worn them around, which helps me to figure out where to place them. Such a great idea, because most of the time, a shoe is uncomfortable for me because of places that give me blisters or rub. This totally solves that problem. You can even cut them a little to custom fit an area if you need to.

SOFT STRIPS Gel Cushions:

I have a strappy pair of Louboutins that I love, but the heel strap falls down, and I even had my shoe guy professionally alter them to custom fit my foot, but they still slip off and go under my heel once in a while when I walk so I placed these Gel Strips inside of the straps and they help them stay up so much better. These are also suggested to use with flip flops, to keep slingbacks in place, and prevent blisters or discomfort from shoe straps. They are easy to customize by cutting to fit. They are clear which is great because you can add them to any color shoe and no one will be able to notice them.

BALL OF FOOT Cushions:

I also bought these really super cute heart shaped “ball of foot cushions. They come in a 3 pack with different colors. They keep your feet from sliding forward and cushions the ball of your foot for extra comfort. These have adhesive and will be difficult to remove from your shoes, so make sure that you really want them in that pair of shoes. Also, I just love the heart shape!

“I would hate for someone to look at my shoe and say, Oh my God! They look so comfortable!” -Christian Louboutin

Fortunately, there are little helpers to make heels more comfortable! There are all different kind of products out there to fit your shoe comfort needs. I already knew about sole inserts, but I love the other new options that are offered!


I also recommend finding a good shoe repair place, and keep them in mind. They have come in handy for me when I’ve needed shoes repaired, re-stained, and they can even custom adjust belts, purses, and shoes to fit you & your style better. Even a beloved cheap pair of shoes can look brand new with a new sole or fresh coat of stain. So, don’t throw them away just yet. It’s usually just cheaper to get them fixed!

I use Andre #1 Shoes in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. They are amazing, and do such a good job every time I’ve brought something in! I’ve even had them put red traction soles on the bottoms of Louboutin’s so that I don’t fall or ruin the nice red sole. I wish I knew about them a few years ago, instead of throwing out some of my old boots and shoes, I would have just gotten them fixed.  They are affordable and I highly recommend them.

Familiarize yourself with a local shoe repair, and keep them in mind next time you need a little shoe fix!


7914 W Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90068
Phone: (323) 876-5565

Hours Monday-Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm, Saturday: 9:00am-4:00pm, Sunday: Closed


Sunset Blonde

One Response to “Fab Feet for the Perfect Shoe”

  1. Crystal Cook January 22, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

    Dr. scholl’s Ball of Foot cushions are amazing! I will have to try these and see how they compare!

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