How to Whiten Nails

14 Oct


I came across a post on a website about how to whiten your nails/toenails if they turn yellow from nail polish.  When I read about how to whiten your nails, I noticed the comments people had made below it saying that it didn’t work for them. The website recommended using all kinds of things, like lemon juice, whitening toothpaste, and even denture cleaner.  I thought about the way I always get them looking white and pretty again, which was different & much quicker than what was suggested. It inspired me to share this beauty secret you.

Prevention: Dark nail polish colors tend to do this to your nails, especially if you skip the base coat step. To prevent your nails from turning yellow, use a clear base coat underneath your nail color first. But, if you skip the base coat, don’t worry, there is an easy solution for removing the yellow from your nails.

Before & After


How to:

All you need is a FINE NAIL FILE. I like to use this one from Sally Hansen. I have it in all 3, fine, medium, and course. But for this beauty secret, you will only need the FINE NAIL FILE. Why the FINE one? For several reasons, it removes the yellow layer on the top of your nails and still keeps them smooth, and because it only files a little bit. A course file will make your nails ridged and remove too much of your natural nails.

So here’s how to do it, It’s really easy and only takes a minute. Literally just file off/buff the yellow top layer of your nail. That’s it. It also smooths the texture of the natural nail to give nail polish a smoother finish.

Buff off yellow on nail.

Before: Nails are yellow from nail polish.

After: Nails are clear again.

Instead of applying some weird mixture of peroxide and baking soda, or whitening toothpaste, try this instant solution by just buffing off the yellow with a FINE nail file.

After filing the yellow off, rinse your nails under water to clean them, or swipe a cotton ball with nail polish remover over them to clean them. Then apply cuticle oil or coconut oil to soften and moisturize them. This works well for toenails and finger nails.


Sunset Blonde


One Response to “How to Whiten Nails”

  1. Vanesa December 18, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    Wow I was so horrified today when I took my nail polish off and started researching like mad asked my mom, went all paranoid lol then I found out nail polishes do make your nails yellow and your post instantly diminished my fear lol thanks definitely my new method.

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