Sunset Blonde’s Secret For Shiny Hair

22 Oct

Diamond Shine Brilliant Shine Spray by ZOTOS

This is my favorite shine spray. I apply it after blow drying and styling my hair. It adds shine and since I have dry hair, it adds life and moisture back into it. I just spray it lightly from 8-10 inches away on the ends, and one short spritz on the top.

I purchased it at Sally Beauty.

“Containing actual diamond micro-particles,
keratin and panthenol… Instantly infuse hair
with high-gloss shine and exceptional strength.

Diamond Shine Brilliant Shine Spray is long-lasting, color-safe shine spray that adds dazzling shine without weighing hair down.

why is it different?

Diamond Shine Brilliant Shine Spray instantly adds 2X more long-lasting brilliant shine without weighing hair down or making it appear greasy. It tames frizz as it smoothes and seals cuticles while UV and thermal protectants work to keep color rich & vibrant. Enriched with real diamond microparticles, keratin, and panthenol to strengthen and enhance shine.”

I found it to really be a weightless shine spray, that didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy. I also liked the scent, and find that the spray bottle allows for a very fine mist to be applied, which is perfect for not over doing it.

By far the most superior shine spray I have found in a long time.


Sunset Blonde


One Response to “Sunset Blonde’s Secret For Shiny Hair”

  1. Jezz Dallas October 22, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    With actual diamond micro-particles?? How glam is that….either way, love!

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