31 Oct

I love organizing.

I love the way it looks when things are neat and organized.

Although, I must admit, I’ve never been good at it, and I’m especially bad at maintaining organization. I’ve been trying really hard to self-teach myself how to be more organized this past year. It’s working, I am so much more organized than I have ever been.  One of the things that has really helped me is learning to use tools/organizing products to help me stay organized and to find a “place for everything.”

Last night I was working at Fairy Studios, and as a Thank You, Katerina Van Derham gave me a Tool Box from a company called NEATNIX. This tool box is really a great size, and I’m excited to use it to organize some things in my own makeup studio! She knows that I’m really into organizing, and this was a great gift! I checked out the website and discovered that they have many other different types of organizing products that are not only practical, but they have great colors and designs!

Their products are also reasonable priced, and if something helps you to stay organized, I think it is worth a little extra $. The Tool Box that I have is $37.50, and it is well made, and durable. It has to large compartments, a top handle that makes it easily portable,  3 small velcro pockets, and 8 slots.

I can’t wait to use it to organize my stuff! Stay tuned for more photos of how I use it to organize!



Sunset Blonde

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