Less Is More & Buy It Once, Buy It Right

7 Feb

Sometimes good things happen on Instagram

I just wanted to share this recent Instagram post that I did. I got a few great comments and what I think is some great information & answers to questions that girls asked me. I wanted to share it with you all in case you missed it on my Instagram. (Thanks to all the girls for their input and comments!)

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So I will start by letting you guys know why I did this post, 2 days ago reorganized my clothing closet and got rid of a bunch of clothes I haven’t worn in the last month. I try to go through my closet often and simplify it, getting rid of the items that I haven’t worn recently, or just realize that I don’t really like anymore. I tend to give things away to friends, neighbors, the cleaning lady, or sometimes goodwill, really anyone that wants it. . .I like knowing that my old things get a new life with someone else. I also go through my shoe closet and I used to have a ton of shoes, the whole thing was filled from ceiling to floor with shoes. A few months ago, I decided that when I comes to my complete wardrobe, Less is More! So, now I really only have about half of the shoes that I used to have, and I really love and wear all of the shoes that are in my closet. I took a photo today of some of my favorite pairs, lined up all pretty on the shelves and wrote a simple caption below it briefly stating some of my favorite wardrobe advice that has helped me a lot.



 Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 11.39.10 PM


“My best fashion advice, and what I have learned over the last year…. Less is more & buy it once, buy it right. Of course trends are always changing, and nothing lasts forever, but when it comes to your wardrobe, it’s better to have less clothes that you will wear more. And if you are going to buy something, don’t buy 10 of the same thing. Its better to spend a little more and get a good quality one, one that you LOVE, one that fits, & looks amazing on you. Also, alterations are super important, find a good tailor that can make that dress fit you perfectly, so that you will actually wear it. If you have nothing to wear & lots of clothes, get rid of all the ones you don’t like, are outdated, don’t fit, etc. What u have left are the items that you actually wear. It is easier to see what you have when it’s not cluttered by all the items that you don’t wear. Don’t hold on to clothes you don’t wear! Don’t forget to keep your closet organized & items in sight so that you know what you have. ***Girls, please feel free to add to this post with your fashion opinions and advice!”


  • northernvagirl: Love the advice! Best part is how you suggest getting things altered to fit perfectly !

  • sunsetblonde: @northernvagirl thanks! I get dresses altered all the time. Altering an item is usually the difference between whether you wear it or not. Clothes need to fit right and be flattering. Sometimes I may like a dress but it’s too big, or the hemline isn’t right. Also, buying something cheap, and getting it altered to fit you perfectly makes it look expensive! *** but can save you hundreds!!! Alterations are not very expensive, and are worth it if you will wear it.

  • lexus9090: @sunsetblonde I’ve been dying to splurge on a pair of loubs. What style do you recommended? All the ones I’ve worn are uncomfortable

  • sunsetblonde: @lexus9090 as pretty as they are, if the don’t fit right you will never wear them. Loubs run narrow and small. I can’t even fit my feet into most of them, so you won’t likely find me wearing them. Try for a more strappy pair, or a slingback style if you don’t find the pumps comfortable. But to be honest, just because they are expensive doesn’t make them comfortable. I love YSL pumps as an alternative to a louboutin pump if you want to splurge. You can also find a trusted shoe repair to alter or stretch them a little. . . Sometimes that helps, but not always.

  • alessiademaria: In looking to purchase a really good pair of basic black heels, I’ve looked at Louboutins and YSL what would you suggest? @sunsetblonde 🙂
  • lexus9090: @sunsetblonde thanks girl! I appreciate it! I will def be looking into the YSL pumps! xx3h
  • sunsetblonde: @alessiademaria both designers make some beautiful basic black pumps. If you can fit into and wear a louboutin, I would buy those, they are classic, and highly recognizable. They won’t go out of style anytime soon! (Like I mentioned above,) loubs are too narrow for my feet and I can’t wear them, so I chose YSLs over loub personally, plus I like the shape of the YSLs a little better. Hope this helps, just make sure you really try them on and they don’t kill your feet. Otherwise they will just be nice to look at. Lol. *** for the girls that can’t spend big $$ and want the same look as the YSLs, try Pour Le Victore pumps in styles “irina or Zimmer”. I also have a few of them and I love them, a beautiful pump, comfortable and way cheaper than the Tribtoo
  • ecuadoll: @sunsetblonde I was browsing your blog I love it! Love the beauty tips & loved the helicopter post! Xo
  • sunsetblonde: @ecuadoll thank you!
  • alessiademaria: Yeah I’ve heard they are narrow and I have a wide foot, so I think I need to try them on to see. Yeah I don’t want to buy them and then they hurt. Are the YSL’s comfortable because I really do like the shape of them. And plus they’re going to be for my 18th birthday 🙂 so I’m just doing my research! The YSL’s would be so much easier to buy in America in Australia there’s not really anywhere so it’s a bit unfortunate.
  • shopwithjenna: I prefer to buy expensive accessories and shoes vs clothing. Clothes change every season! Great advice Rachel hope you are well! Xo
  • evelynkrupa: I love the look of louboutin, own 2 pairs, lady peep and highness, both equally uncomfortable but I don’t go to a marathons in them. I would not buy more, two classics in two basic colors is just enough, and they are good investment, after you get bored with them you can sell them on eBay for almost the same amount you bought them!
  • sunsetblonde: @shopwithjenna <<<<——–FOLLOW HER! She has amazing style and a beautiful closet. Thanks for the comment Jenna, I totally agree with you. You do it right!
  • sunsetblonde: @alessiademaria I wouldn’t say they are comfortable, but they fit my wider feet better than loubs. I can wear them for an evening out, but not all day. I also wear them in 1/2 a size up. Normally I’m a 7.5 but I buy them in an 8/38. ** always try things on, shoes & clothes always need to be tried on to make sure the flatter, fit, and are comfortable.
  • lisavizcarra: @Sunsetblonde Great advice! Thanks!
  • alessiademaria: Aw thank you @sunsetblonde for the great advice! I’m definitely going to have to try them on!!
  • shopwithjenna: Thanks for the shout out babe! Hope all is well with the wedding planning!
  • constanze_schmuckstueck: True!!


Sunset Blonde


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