N° 1 Mermaid Perfume

17 Mar

N°1 Mermaid Perfume


Perfume and fragrances are such a personal thing. Everyone is attracted to different scents, and perfume can smell different on different people’s  skin. You should always try out a fragrance before you buy the entire bottle. Most stores that sell fragrance will often times give you a small sample bottle, or make you a sample of it to try. These samples are a great way to try a fragrance out for a week or two before buying it. Sometimes you may like how it smells at first, but after some time, a fragrance will change and develop. The last thing you want is to not like it after wearing it for a while. I’m really picky about fragrances, and very rarely find ones that I like. I was recently given an entire collection of this sweet Orange Blossom Fragrance. This fragrance came to me along with the sweetest note I’ve ever read. This fragrance smells so sweet and floral with Orange Blossoms and lingers like you would want a fragrance to. I even adore the fragrance as a candle, which matches perfectly with the perfume, I keep it in my Makeup Studio and even when it’s not burning you can still catch the lovely scent. The packaging is reminiscent of timeless Chanel. With gorgeous packaging in white, gold, and coral colors, perfect even just to decorate a vanity or dresser. Mermaid perfume is just as  fascinating and mysterious as the mythical creature.  I have one of each items from the collection, a perfume rollerball Fragrance  of 100% perfume oil, the Perfume Spray Fragrance, and the Mermaid Candle made of 100% Chemical free vegetable soy wax, with a 60 hour burn time.

You can purchase them at:

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 1.10.02 PM   IMG_4121


Sunset Blonde


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