Our Story.

Melissa Barone and Rachel Bernstein had an instant connection from the first day they met & have been like sisters ever since. These two girls both have a passion for beauty and helping other women. Melissa is a Celebrity Hair Stylist in Beverly Hills, and Rachel is a Makeup Artist & Model in Hollywood. Melissa became Rachel’s go-to hairstylist, creating the perfect color and cut.  Rachel always dreamed of fuller, longer, luxurious hair, and began making her own clip-in hair extensions for photoshoots. She got so many questions and compliments about her hair, that she decided it was time to share her secret with the world. With Rachel’s hair extension & styling experience, and Melissa’s professional and expert knowledge of all things hair, together the 2 girls have created something no one else has. The most luxuriously natural, silky smooth, blendable multi-tonal clip-in hair extensions.

Based in Beverly Hills, one blonde and one brunette, each girl brings their own unique ideas and styles to the company, enabling them to understand the needs of every woman. Both are experts in their fields and are ready to share their secret with you! Now you can have the hair you always dreamed of, everyday, or just on special occasions.

What Makes Cashmere Hair Clip-in Extensions Superior To Other Brands?​

Our clip-in extensions contain only the finest 100% Human Cuticle Hair. But what makes our extensions extra special? All of our extensions are extra thick & blended with the wonderful Super-Blend custom multi-tonal highlight and lowlight design as well as a fullness that you can feel all the way to the ends! Giving you the fullness and softness you desire in the most natural way.  Our thick and full hair extension design not only gives you the fullest most luxurious hair,  but causes the least amount of damage, and it’s really easy to apply and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions are the safest and most gentle hair extensions available!



Feedback & Reviews of Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions

We are confident and know that you will love Cashmere Hair. Just read what some of our customers are saying:



“I am freaking out – This is the best quality hair I’ve ever seen. It is beautiful. I’m in shock right now! The hair is so perfect! I feel like I should have paid several thousands of dollars for it! I will send a before and after if you would like. I have really damaged hair from bleaching though. Let me know. Again, so amazed with the quality of this hair… Also the packaging is so perfect! -Jennifer”

“Quality is all I can say! We as a customer always hope we are going to receive the quality that each brand promises but I can finally say i have found that with Cashmere Hair. These are the best hair extensions I have ever felt and worn. I am thrilled with how these extensions look, feel, & style! Can’t wait to show all my girlfriends!”

“Just received my Cashmere Hair Extensions.  These are the softest & thickest extensions I have had my hands on and worth EVERY penny!!! Its so hard finding hair in Australia & so pleased you guys ship internationally! ”
-Jenny Tanner

“@cashmere_hair got my hair today and I’m SO impressed at how thick it is!!! You don’t even need to wear that many of them so worth the $$”  -Jennifer @jenniferfranc

“The Cashmere hair extensions are my first time purchasing hair extensions. After much research, I found your instagram page and website to be very informative when making my decision with which company met my needs.”

“The quality of the hair is thick from beginning to ends, the tutorial is very helpful and the amount of hair is abundant! I love your packaging, care tips and quick responses to my questions.  Thank you so much for giving my hair body, thickness and glamour! I’ve always had fine hair and these extensions make a tremendous impact on my look :)”
-Carey Lynn Hicks

“I received today! Thank you so much! They are the exact color of my hair!!!! I love them! Thanks again!” -Laurel

“I’m in LOVE!!!!!! Aaaaaah I’ll never go back to Sally’s. lol. Loving my hair.” -Dani Mathers



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