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Nail Moment: Gel Manicure in Buff

8 Apr


My Vampire Is Buff OPI Gelcolor is my current color of the moment. A pretty very pale nude color with the long lasting staying power of a Gel Manicure! I’m always picking nude shades, but there are so many different nude shades out there, that I never run out of options. It might be a tad boring, but it’s always classic, natural, and pretty. I feel the most upscale and elegant with a more natural manicure. Sure, its nice to do a little nail art, or express yourself with nail color, but my favorite expression is beauty, and what better way to be beautiful than to tap into & enhance the natural beauty we are all created with?

photo 4

I’m on day 3 of the manicure and it is still in perfect condition. No chips. My favorite part of a gel manicure is that my nails don’t break, like they do with regular polish. It reinforeces them with the strength that my fragile nails need.

I got my nails done at Nails By Design, on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. One of my favorite nail places, they charged me $65 for a gel manicure and a regular pedicure. Which is a pretty good deal for both.  I never get gel on my toes because regular polish seems to stay on my toes for weeks, unlike my nails. I’m so rough on my nails too, buttoning and unbottoning clothes at photoshoots, typing, etc.

photo 2

With my birthday coming up, I’ve been thinking about investing in one of the OPI LED Lights that the salon uses to cure Gel manicures. Apparently LED lights are faster and safer than the UV lights. Although, they are more expensive. I’m on the hunt to spend less by searching on the internet for a good deal. I think that doing it myself will actually save me a lot of money. Gel Manicures last so much longer on me, and are just as easy to apply and remove yourself as regular nail polish if you have the right techniques  (Click here to watch the VIDEO).  The LED Light pays for itself within a few months. I’m going to also try to use my friend’s discount to purchase the actual nail colors and base/topcoats at a PRO shop.


Sunset Blonde


CHANEL Makeup Haul Video

31 Mar


Obsessed! My New Monda Studio LED Makeup Case

4 Mar

Obsessed! My New Monda Studio LED Makeup Case

I attended this year’s The Makeup Show LA, and fell in LoVe! This year was my second year attending, so I knew what to expect and came prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for, was my newest obsession, the Monda Studio LED Makeup Case that I bought for a STEAL at the show!! The glistening bright lights that rim the mirror in the top of the case called to me as I walked by them in the Nigel’s booth, and I couldn’t help but stare in awe of this beautiful invention. I had seen lighted makeup cased before, but they were huge, had actual lightbulbs and were over $1000. The price tag was so reasonable on these cases, and the size was absolutely perfect. I first decided that I would get the smallest size, but at the last minute changed my mind to get the medium sized one.


sunset blonde1

The cases when I first spotted them and fell in love at The Makeup Show LA

sunset blonde2

The MSC-810 LED Lighted Mirror Make Up Station is the one I purchased. I comes on wheels, and has a handle to pull like a suitcase when it is closed and upright. It’s a little on the heavy side, but because it’s on wheels it’s manageable.

The best part, for me, are the lights! They work really well and are LED lights, which last a really long time 30-50,000 hours, you don’t need to replace them, and you can even brighten or dim them for the proper lighting effect! These lights also emit a minimal amount of heat and save 80% of the energy that incandescent lights use  It plugs into an outlet, and just press the button to turn them on, and you are ready to go!

For professional makeup artists, this is a great way to get better lighting on the go, and for personal use, the smaller sized ones are perfect for your own personal vanity!

 It comes in 3 Sizes! (mine is the medium size.)

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 1.16.56 AM


21454_3_ 21454_2_


It’s dimensions are 12.5x19x9.5″

The mirror is 18×11.5″

Sides inside: 12x3x3.5″

Drawers: 11×5.5×1″

Inside Compartment: 10.5x11x2″

Drawers open to 23.5″ wide

Weight: 15 lbs-so as you can see it’s a bit heavy.

It has adjustable storage dividers, and has locks & keys to lock it for security.

I love my new Monda and can’t wait to use it soon!

You can but them here at or you can find them through google for cheaper (like on amazon)!


Sunset Blonde


27 Feb
sunset blonde

the FANcy Set contains 2 Fan Brushes for flawless makeup application! See how to use these brushes in the how to videos at

sunset blonde

The FANcy Face Brush

sunset blonde

The FANcy Cheeky Brush for easy contouring!

sunset blonde

Sunset Blonde’s Sleek Hollywood HD Foundation Brushes + Free Concealer Brush
Set is only $55 (Orig. $90)
shop here:

sunset blonde

Hollywood HD Concealer Brush $24.00! Perfect for applying concealer to blemishes, red marks & undereye!
Shop here:

sunset blonde

Hollywood HD Powder Brushes. EXTREMELY SOFT & perfect for applying any powder makeup! $65.00 for the set! (a $90 Value)
shop here:

sunset blonde

Close up of the Hollywood HD Powder Brushes.



Sunset Blonde

Makeup Forever Shopping

5 Nov

As a professional makeup artist, I love that I get major discounts on makeup. Especially 40% off at MAKEUP FOREVER. I love the brand, and I think they make great quality makeup, have an amazing selection of colors, as well as unique products. Today I visited the Makeup Forever store location on Robertson Blvd with a girl friend of mine. She needed a few things, and I never pass up the chance to go makeup shopping! I got a few repeat items, as well as some new ones, plus they gave me a free gift!

Here’s what I got:

Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow.

I use this as an eyeliner. It has the best staying power, and is easily applied with the Sultry Liner Brush from Sunset Blonde Beauty. It is the perfect product to get the winged cat eye effect, and it also works really well when you desire to rim the water lines of your eye. It stays put better than pencils. I also use it to make a smokey eye look by smudging and blending it.

LAB Shine Diamond Collection Lip Gloss in D 0.

I usually never buy any lip glosses with sparkle, despite my love for things that glitter, for fear of looking like a teen. But this sparkly gloss was one that I just couldn’t pass up. It contains really fine particles of sparkle that just ever so slightly reflect the light. I think this is the perfect clear gloss for a daytime look, and can be layered over a lipstick shade at night for extra glam!

2 Lip Liner pencils in No. 49 and No. 50.

I’m usually not much of a lip liner wearer, but I wanted to buy some new ones in natural shades just to define my lips a little more for special occasions like a Red Carpet event, or photoshoot. I like these neutral shades to blend in with my natural lip color, but still define the lip line. I got one lighter one, and one darker shade in a classic pencil form. No. 50 is a light beige/peachy nude, and No. 49 is a light pinky mauve shade.

Sculpting Blushes in No. 24 Matte fawn & No. 20 Satin blood orange

I love the idea of these two shades being in a pro palette. Seeing them next to each other is really inspiring to actually use these shades as sculpting tools for my cheeks. Using the lighter shade on the apples, and tops of my cheeks, and the darker shades below the cheekbones.

Smokey Lash Extra Black Mascara.

I’m so picky about mascaras, and have gotten tired of buying different brands, and always going back to the same Loreal Voluminous brand that I love. This mascara was a full sized free gift from Makeup Forever that I got with my purchase. The wand is very similar to the Loreal one, but the mascara is a bit thinner, and takes more coats to get a similar effect. This one is a great mascara if you like just a light coat of mascara with NO clumps. .


Sunset Blonde

Sunset Blonde’s Secret For Shiny Hair

22 Oct

Diamond Shine Brilliant Shine Spray by ZOTOS

This is my favorite shine spray. I apply it after blow drying and styling my hair. It adds shine and since I have dry hair, it adds life and moisture back into it. I just spray it lightly from 8-10 inches away on the ends, and one short spritz on the top.

I purchased it at Sally Beauty.

“Containing actual diamond micro-particles,
keratin and panthenol… Instantly infuse hair
with high-gloss shine and exceptional strength.

Diamond Shine Brilliant Shine Spray is long-lasting, color-safe shine spray that adds dazzling shine without weighing hair down.

why is it different?

Diamond Shine Brilliant Shine Spray instantly adds 2X more long-lasting brilliant shine without weighing hair down or making it appear greasy. It tames frizz as it smoothes and seals cuticles while UV and thermal protectants work to keep color rich & vibrant. Enriched with real diamond microparticles, keratin, and panthenol to strengthen and enhance shine.”

I found it to really be a weightless shine spray, that didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy. I also liked the scent, and find that the spray bottle allows for a very fine mist to be applied, which is perfect for not over doing it.

By far the most superior shine spray I have found in a long time.


Sunset Blonde


Sunset Blonde Beauty Favorites

26 Aug

A few of my beauty favorites right now:

Elegant Touch Classic French glue on nails, for a quick and cheap french manicure that lasts 1-2 weeks

100% Pure Jojoba Oil for moisturizing my face and skin

Loreal Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray, I’m not crazy about the smell, but it works great and can doesn’t make my hair super stiff or sticky.

Loreal EverCreme Sulfate Free Moisture System Conditioning Leave-In Spray is the best leave in conditioner I’ve ever found, it makes my hair so soft and detangles. It’s also a great price!

Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black is my favorite mascara of all time.

MAC Brow Set is a fast and easy way to add color and shape to your brows.




Sunset Blonde

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