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Nail Moment: Gel Manicure in Buff

8 Apr


My Vampire Is Buff OPI Gelcolor is my current color of the moment. A pretty very pale nude color with the long lasting staying power of a Gel Manicure! I’m always picking nude shades, but there are so many different nude shades out there, that I never run out of options. It might be a tad boring, but it’s always classic, natural, and pretty. I feel the most upscale and elegant with a more natural manicure. Sure, its nice to do a little nail art, or express yourself with nail color, but my favorite expression is beauty, and what better way to be beautiful than to tap into & enhance the natural beauty we are all created with?

photo 4

I’m on day 3 of the manicure and it is still in perfect condition. No chips. My favorite part of a gel manicure is that my nails don’t break, like they do with regular polish. It reinforeces them with the strength that my fragile nails need.

I got my nails done at Nails By Design, on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. One of my favorite nail places, they charged me $65 for a gel manicure and a regular pedicure. Which is a pretty good deal for both.  I never get gel on my toes because regular polish seems to stay on my toes for weeks, unlike my nails. I’m so rough on my nails too, buttoning and unbottoning clothes at photoshoots, typing, etc.

photo 2

With my birthday coming up, I’ve been thinking about investing in one of the OPI LED Lights that the salon uses to cure Gel manicures. Apparently LED lights are faster and safer than the UV lights. Although, they are more expensive. I’m on the hunt to spend less by searching on the internet for a good deal. I think that doing it myself will actually save me a lot of money. Gel Manicures last so much longer on me, and are just as easy to apply and remove yourself as regular nail polish if you have the right techniques  (Click here to watch the VIDEO).  The LED Light pays for itself within a few months. I’m going to also try to use my friend’s discount to purchase the actual nail colors and base/topcoats at a PRO shop.


Sunset Blonde



31 Mar


Hey girls!

Check out my Brand New Company! It’s finally here!

High Quality Clip-In Hair Extensions

Beverly Hills

Click here:



Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 10.24.24 PM

How are Cashmere Hair Extensions different?​

Hair extensions are not just for adding length. You can achieve volume, texture, chemical free color, highlights and color accents all without the use of harsh chemicals. No longer do you have to wait months or even years to have the look and lifestyle you desire.  Cashmere Hair Extensions will give you instant gratification!

webFINAL diagram hair SUPERIOR

Owning a set of Cashmere Hair Extensions, not only saves you THOUSANDS of dollars, but is the easiest and most convenient hair extension system.  Salon applied hair extensions are extremely damaging and over priced. Cashmere Hair Extensions are a one time payment, with the convenience of at home custom application. Cashmere Hair provides the perfect alternative to permanent hair extensions and look even better! This is the ultimate DIY system for even the most inexperienced user, that only takes minutes to put in and seconds to remove. With Cashmere Hair you can have salon quality hair with out spending the time or money. ​​

What is the quality of the hair?

​Cashmere Hair is 100% High Quality Cuticle Human Hair. The hair cuticle is facing in the same direction which prevents tangling and matting. This High Quality Hair allows for better blending with your own hair and gives the appearance of natural, healthy looking hair.

What really makes our hair extensions the BEST is our gentle dying process, which takes up to 9 – 12 days.  Other 2 day processes, which rapidly dye hair using heavy acid and chemicals, cause damage to the hair. This heavy chemical processing causes hair to loose vital moisture and nutrition. Instead, our process of dying is a very slow process which is the least damaging to hair and gives you the healthiest quality hair, allowing your hair extension to look their best longest. We take the quality of our product very seriously, which is why we set ourselves apart from other companies on a completely different level of quality & authenticity. We have our strands laboratory tested and certified to be 100% Cuticle human hair, the highest quality available. ​

Other companies mask the harsh chemical process by using silicone to disguise the bad quality of the hair to make it feel silky when you first purchase it. After a few shampoos you might notice that the coating come off, and true nature of the quality is revealed.​


Will Cashmere Hair Extensions damage my hair and how long my extensions last?​

No damage will occur, and unlike traditional salon extensions. Cashmere Hair Extensions should last you anywhere between 6 to 12 months, with proper care and maintenance. Clip-in Hair Extensions can be reapplied and styled daily. If using a curling iron or flat iron, we recommend first styling your own hair, and then styling the clip-ins similarly before clipping in. Although, we always recommend using the least possible heat styling while getting the most uses out of the hair before rewashing. It is not necessary to wash your extensions after every use. Keep in mind, just like our own hair, any type of heat wears on the hair in time. These tips will save your own hair & extensions from extra unnecessary heat styling damage. ​ Tip: Always try and treat your hair extensions with lots of love!

​Can I dye Cashmere Hair Extensions?

​Cashmere Hair Extensions are made of real hair just like your natural hair. It is always recommended to see one of our trained professional hair stylist or a professional you trust to assist you with any changes that you would like made to your hair extensions.  Please choose the hair extension color that is closest to your natural hair color, we do not recommend dying the hair extensions, since many of them have already been specially dyed. Our goal is to supply you with the best quality hair extensions possible, and we have a very special dying process that keeps the hair in the healthiest condition. Further dying could damage the hair if not done by our professionals.

Will Cashmere Hair Extensions be visible, will people be able to tell I’m wearing them?

​No, Cashmere Clip-in Hair Extensions should not be visible. The beauty of Cashmere Hair Clip-extensions is that they make achieving the look of gorgeous hair naturally. Once fitted they are a perfect blend with your own hair. They provide unlimited versatility with a natural look and feel. Our clip-in system is suggested to be worn low on your head making it easy to disguise and blend with your own hair. Part of the secret of wearing hair extensions is blending your hair extensions into your natural hair for the most discrete & natural look.


Will Cashmere Hair Extensions stay in my hair, without slipping out?

​These hair extensions make having the look of gorgeous hair easy, fast and comfortable. With in minutes you will have the gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted. Specially designed small silicone pressure clips allow these hair extensions to be put in and taken off in just minutes and without the worry of sliding or snapping open. Our hair extensions are undetectable and natural looking when inserted properly. No teasing is necessary prior to clipping into hair for most hair types.


​Will Cashmere Hair Extensions work with very thin hair?

If you have very thin hair, Cashmere Hair will definitely be the perfect match for your desirable look. Depending on the severity of the thinning of your hair, you will need enough hair to lie over the top weft to cover it. Backcombing the hair above the top weft can help disguise easier. Ideally you would want your hair to be at least 6 inches long for best results.

What is the length of Cashmere Hair Extensions?

​Cashmere Hair Extensions are 18″-20″ long (47cm-49cm). When worn in the recommended application they automatically layer themselves giving you a more natural look. ​

What color do I choose?

​When choosing a color to match your own hair, choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. Never choose the hair color of your “roots” as that is always darker. The color match blend for your hair will be from your middle length to ends. So choosing a color closest this area of your hair will give you the best results. If your unique hair color is not available in our color chart, the best options is to place a custom order with Cashmere.

​​​Email us at​




Sunset Blonde

Nude & Gold Glitter French Manicure

31 Mar
Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 8.42.03 PMCSM__GLDNRL_275x275
Nail Art has been really popular this season. All different types of designs, color combinations glitter, and even rhinestones and studs. Nude versions have been my favorite, and I love sparkle so I’ve also been loving the glitter trend. These are also great for wedding manicure ideas.
I like to keep it natural looking, simple and classy when it comes to my nails, but I still want to participate in the nail art trend while it lasts. I never like the over the top looks, some of the nail art can look really tacky and cheesy, especially on me. Here is a recent nail polish application I rocked for the last few days. I got the perfect new subtle shimmer nude nail polish from  Sugar Naturel in Creme Brûlée. I added gold gold glitter sparkle tips with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in #120 Golden Rule (-my all time favorite polish!) I love using this sparkly gold glitter polish on my toenails. So glam and simple.
Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 9.55.19 PM
Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 8.53.29 PM
I also love the look of the rhinestones on nails, but haven’t tried that look yet. (Coming soon!)
Here are a few other nail designs that inspired this look that I came across on
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Wedding Day Makeup DIY

10 Dec

I’ve always preferred doing my own makeup over how anyone else does it. I have always felt like I do it best, even if it wasn’t always the best. Now that I’m a Makeup Artist, after getting professional training, experience, and learning industry secrets, I feel like I can do my makeup better than any one else can for my wedding day. And so can you!!

My wedding is taking place in Norway. A beautiful country that I have fallen in love with, but also a country that is still unfamiliar to me in so many ways. I know already, that I wont be able to find a local makeup artist that can do a better job than I can on my wedding day. So, I decided right away, that I would just do my own hair and makeup. I also recently gave some advice to a friend that was having a destination wedding, who asked me about doing her own makeup.

Here’s my advice for doing your own wedding day makeup:

Don’t stray too far from the makeup routine you usually do, just perfect it by having the right tools and products. You can even higher a professional makeup artist for a private lesson to help and give you pointers. The best wedding makeup, is still looking like yourself! Youtube also has many how-to makeup videos to help.

Do not wear SPF on your big day; it doesn’t photograph well. It tends to reflect the light, even when worn under makeup it can make you look pale or shiny in flash photographs.

Use blotting papers to soak up excess oil during your wedding to avoid caking on too much powder.

And, especially for this day, even though it’s a pain to remove at night, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner!

Find inspiration for your wedding day makeup look. Whether you are experienced with applying makeup or new to it, keep it simple, classic and as natural as possible.

Practice this look on yourself. Many times. I suggest beginning to practice the final makeup choice on yourself at least a month before the wedding.

Get the right products for the look. Long wearing formulas, waterproof, high quality formulas, and the right shades are essential for creating that perfect wedding day look. Buying the right products and shades will help you to look your best on the big day.

Have the right makeup brushes. A great way to not only ensure proper makeup application on your wedding day, but a great investment for your makeup collection everyday. High quality makeup brushes last longer than any makeup, they also ensure easier and more natural application. You can buy great ones I have designed at

If it’s an option, ask a friend to help you on the big day. Ask someone with a steady hand to help you apply that liquid liner, or apply the false lashes on your big day to relieve some stress and any mistakes. It’s a great idea to ask them before the big day, and do a trial run. I recommend waterproof mascara and individual false lashes, because they will look more natural and you wont run the risk of them coming unglued if you tear up.

Bring touch-up Makeup. Things happen during the wedding that can mess up even a professional makeup job. So expect to touch up your makeup every bathroom trip you make. At least try to look at it and make sure everything looks ok. Crying, hugging and kissing, dancing, and even eating can cause your makeup to disappear. Bring a compact with powder to cover shine, lipcolor, and Qtips as the bare minimum. You even ask a bridesmaid to hold it in her purse.

The most important part of your makeup for your big day is evening out your skintone for that flawless bride look, using foundation, concealer under eyes and on blemishes (apply over foundation), and a translucent setting powder.

Remember that a natural look is always best for your wedding day, so NO harsh/super bright colors or extreme sparkle.

Here are some inspirational makeup photos that I found for my wedding day makeup look, which might help you too:


Sunset Blonde

Sunset Blonde’s Wedding Day Hair-Do Inspirations

3 Aug

My fiance only had one request (so far) for the wedding day. He said that he prefers that my hair be down. Which I was happy to hear because that’s how I want to wear it as well. I always think that I look more glamorous and feel prettier when my hair is down. I did some research for some down hairstyles that would work on my wedding day for inspiration and here is what I found:

This is my favorite look, big, wavy full:

Love the softness of this, Kate Hudson’s hair always looks incredible!

I also might consider parting it to the side, my bangs will be much longer by the date of my wedding.

I love the length of Elle’s hair, which can always be achieved with clip-in hair extensions! 😉

Simple yet glamorous Heidi Klum’s mane is stunning:

Again, Kate Hudon’s hair! Wow, even a little messy, it looks incredible. . .

I’ve also been considering doing a subtle half-up-do like this one below so that the veil I will be wearing will stay on better….but we will see. I haven’t decided yet. . .

I will be doing my own hair on my wedding day. I know I will be the most happy with it.

I also wanted to point out that the makeup in all of these photos is nice for Bridal makeup as well. With the exception of how shimmery Heidi Klum’s cheeks are…a little too much highlighter for a wedding day. I will be doing another post on my plans for my wedding day makeup, when I get close to the date.


Sunset Blonde

Wedding Planning: The Very Beginning

2 Aug

Considering this is my first, and only time I will be planning my wedding, it’s been quite a learning experience so far, and I haven’t gotten very far yet! I’ve never had to plan for something this big, nor for something this far away. I’m getting married in Norway, and I live in California.

I have basically started with the easier things, and am going to try to do as much as I can, but I know I wont be able to, in the end, plan for every detail. And I am happy about that.

My fiance and I made a trip to Norway 6 months ago (1 & 1/2 yrs out from the wedding date), and spent 2 days looking at different wedding locations. We hired a wedding coordinator to take us to different venues. This made it fast and easy to look at locations. We didn’t have to do the research, nor try to figure out where they were. We both knew right away which venue we liked the best. And luckily we both agreed on the same venue!

Having the location out of the way, it also allowed us to finalize the date, and since it was more than a year and a half away, the date that we wanted was available.

We visited Norway again a few months later, revisited the location and met with their on-site coordinator to discuss more details of the wedding day. We decided to do a food tasting a for the dinner while we were in town, and came back a few days later.

When I returned back to LA, I let some time pass, then before I knew it,  I realized that the wedding was a little less than a year away! I needed to start picking up the pace with the wedding planning!

So I set out with my girlfriends on a quest to find my wedding dress. I was lucky enough to find the one within a few weeks of starting my search and ordered it right away so that I could have one more thing checked off the long list of to-dos.

Lately I have been doing research on what colors I want, the details, and elements that I would like to incorporate.

Here is an inspiration board that I made as a starting point:

I’ve decided on the colors white, (ivory, cream, off-white,) beige, sand, taupe, khaki, gold and just a touch of blush.  I want to keep it simple and classic, but not too boring with just plain white. I am also such a girlie girl, and love the idea of adding the girlie element with the pale pink. I’m thinking of having my bridesmaids in a blush chiffon gown, and all of us with white bouquets. I love candles and roses. The men will be wearing black tuxedos, but everything else will be soft and pretty.

So much work to do- I’ve got to get back to planning.

Keep ya posted!


Sunset Blonde

Sunset Blonde: Wedding Dress Shopping, I Bought the Dress!

29 Jul

I did a previous post about shopping for a wedding dress, so this is the follow up to that.

I mentioned that I was returning to the store Panache, in Beverly Hills to try on my top choices again later in the week. At my last dress appointment, I narrowed it down to 2 styles, took photos of each, and then left the store to “sleep on it.” After obsessively looking at the photos for a few days, I could clearly see which one my heart wanted more. I did return, and right away I started picking out other dresses off the racks to try on. I wanted to try on my top choices last, and try a few new ones that I thought I might have over looked. I tried on about 10 more dress styles that day, but nothing was quite like the one I had fallen in love with. I didn’t even try on my second choice, it just wasn’t “The One.”

It is a dress that I never would have pictured myself choosing. If you showed me a photo of the dress, and said this is the one you will pick, I would have said NO WAY. But there was something about this dress that just swept me off my feet, just like my fiance did. It was not only how beautiful I felt in the dress that led me to know it was the one. By seeing how it looked in photos & videos was what made me realize how much I loved looking at it, as if it was someone else wearing the gown.

My friend Jen (my local Matron of Honor) came with me to this final dress appointment, and she was such a great help, suggesting other dress styles to try, taking photos & video for me, and making me feel really beautiful. (Thank you Peachka!) They normally do not let you take photos of the dresses unless you are buying it, but when I narrowed it down to the 2, they allowed my friends to take photos because I made it very clear I planned on buying one.

The best part about my dress? The price! OMG, just half of my budget! As much as I expected wedding dresses to be, I did pretty good! I thought my dress was by Maggie Sottero,  but I just figured out that it’s by Allure Couture! Now, of course I can’t show you any photos of the dress, but I can describe what it looks like, right? It is made of the most soft and beautiful organza, with subtle rhinestone/pearl details throughout the skirt. It is a fit in flare style with a sweetheart top, a gorgeous sash with a beaded/rhinestone applique that is included with the dress (which cuts down on the price!) I would love to tell you more about it, but I’m afraid that it will give too much away… I found the dress online, and the photos from the company just don’t do it any justice. It looks so much different in person.

I’m so excited to wear this dress on my wedding day. It is gorgeous, and luxurious, and amazing. I don’t think I will ever in my life have the opportunity to wear a beautiful dress such as this again, so I am glad that I went with something so incredibly fabulous! All of my girlfriends just loved this dress on me, and were such a big help with my final decision.

Now that the dress has been ordered, it takes 4-6 months for the dress to be made and delivered to the bridal shop.  I am looking forward to trying it on again for the fitting, and getting it fitted to exactly my size, and seeing the actual dress I will be married in!

Stay tuned for more on my wedding dress & my bridal accessories!


Sunset Blonde

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