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The White Tshirt

24 Aug

After some major closet and wardrobe evaluations, I realized how much I love a white tshirt. It has become the go-to staple in my wardrobe that not only makes getting dressed easier, but it is always classic and timeless. Here is an example of how you can wear a white V neck Tshirt paired with white pants (or jeans) to wear as a daytime outfit (pictured with the accessories on the left) or as an evening outfit (paired with the black accessories on the right.)

I love playing around with different looks based around the white Tshirt. It can be dressed up or down, and is the perfect essential piece that is commonly overlooked. So stock up on a nice crisp stack of brand new white Tshirts, or pull the ones you already have out, and on the days where you don’t know what to wear…. Start with a white Tshirt and go from there!!

Sunset Blonde

Beautiful basics



2 Apr


I’m a huge fan of Princess P. Jewelry’s amazing combinations of arm candy! I follow them on instagram and just adore all the really cute arm candy photos that they post. I even rock some of their arm candy on a regular basis! I am so proud to announce and share that I have inspired an arm candy set! The SUNSET BLONDE SET! This set consists of my all time favorite Chanel inspired LOVE gold chain wrap bracelet, along with a crystal rhinestone and mini skull bracelet, and two gold/rhinestone/Spike bracelets.




I also have these really cute black spikes and black love bracelet from Princess P. Jewelry. They have really great pieces to mix and match, and if you are not good at designing your own arm candy, they have many sets to choose from: CLICK HERE FOR SETS!



An example of some of their other arm candy:

 Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 10.40.33 PM

This is also a cute set that I like that includes the LOVE bracelet:

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 10.41.54 PM

I also love this rich looking Black Italian Leather Gold Chain Bracelet:

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 10.45.45 PM

Check them out at


Sunset Blonde

CHANEL Makeup Haul Video

31 Mar


Obsessed! My New Monda Studio LED Makeup Case

4 Mar

Obsessed! My New Monda Studio LED Makeup Case

I attended this year’s The Makeup Show LA, and fell in LoVe! This year was my second year attending, so I knew what to expect and came prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for, was my newest obsession, the Monda Studio LED Makeup Case that I bought for a STEAL at the show!! The glistening bright lights that rim the mirror in the top of the case called to me as I walked by them in the Nigel’s booth, and I couldn’t help but stare in awe of this beautiful invention. I had seen lighted makeup cased before, but they were huge, had actual lightbulbs and were over $1000. The price tag was so reasonable on these cases, and the size was absolutely perfect. I first decided that I would get the smallest size, but at the last minute changed my mind to get the medium sized one.


sunset blonde1

The cases when I first spotted them and fell in love at The Makeup Show LA

sunset blonde2

The MSC-810 LED Lighted Mirror Make Up Station is the one I purchased. I comes on wheels, and has a handle to pull like a suitcase when it is closed and upright. It’s a little on the heavy side, but because it’s on wheels it’s manageable.

The best part, for me, are the lights! They work really well and are LED lights, which last a really long time 30-50,000 hours, you don’t need to replace them, and you can even brighten or dim them for the proper lighting effect! These lights also emit a minimal amount of heat and save 80% of the energy that incandescent lights use  It plugs into an outlet, and just press the button to turn them on, and you are ready to go!

For professional makeup artists, this is a great way to get better lighting on the go, and for personal use, the smaller sized ones are perfect for your own personal vanity!

 It comes in 3 Sizes! (mine is the medium size.)

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 1.16.56 AM


21454_3_ 21454_2_


It’s dimensions are 12.5x19x9.5″

The mirror is 18×11.5″

Sides inside: 12x3x3.5″

Drawers: 11×5.5×1″

Inside Compartment: 10.5x11x2″

Drawers open to 23.5″ wide

Weight: 15 lbs-so as you can see it’s a bit heavy.

It has adjustable storage dividers, and has locks & keys to lock it for security.

I love my new Monda and can’t wait to use it soon!

You can but them here at or you can find them through google for cheaper (like on amazon)!


Sunset Blonde

Video: Apply BRONZER with the FANCY FACE BRUSH by Sunset Blonde

31 Jan

Click the link if you are unable to view the video:

Check out more of my videos at


Sunset Blonde

NEW! Cover Girl Makeup & Hair by Sunset Blonde

31 Jan

Makeup and Hair for this VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE cover shot by SUNSET BLONDE

The December 2012 Issue of Viva Glam Magazine features Mariza Prince  the “Fit Chic.” She is glammed up with hair and makeup by Viva Glam Magazine’s own Beauty Editor & in house Makeup Artist Sunset Blonde. Gorgeous blonde locks overflowing with soft waves are the ultimate Viva Glam look, with neutral toned lips and cheeks, the defined smokey eye is inviting and sultry.

A few of the behind the scenes/instagram photos taken on set of the photo shoot:

photo 2

A gorgeous behind the scenes iphone photo of Mariza Prince in the makeup studio, almost ready to shoot!

photo 1

A few of Sunset Blonde’s beauty tools & makeup used on the set of the photo shoot.

To view more visit Viva Glam Magazine’s website at


Sunset Blonde

Flirt Photoshoot Ad Campaign-Behind The Scenes

24 Jun

Flirt Ad Campaign

Behind the Scenes of a photo shoot with Sunset Blonde

This shoot is for 2 billboards that will be up on July 17th for 25 days. One will be on Highland in Hollywood, California and the other one located in Miami, Florida. I wanted to share some of the behind the scenes with you, so I took a ton of photos of the shoot, from the catering & hair/makeup in the morning to the location and the shots.

Here is what a typical call sheet looks like. A call sheet gives everyone all the information that they need for the photo shoot, and is the schedule for the day. It also includes any special instructions and even the weather forecast.

These are images for the concept of the photo shoot, just inspiration. We didn’t copy any of these shots. It’s a road trip theme with model Sara Balint and I acting like we are going on a road trip, getting lost, then arriving at our destination. All while modeling clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories.

The location: Malibu, California.
With mountains and sky as the backdrop, and a dry rocky terrain, it made for a unique location for a road trip theme.

For the Road Trip theme, of course we had to have a car, so they rented a cream colored Mini Cooper for us to shoot with.

The makeup/hair stylist for the shoot was Klara who set up her station outside of the trailer we had on location. Here are some photos of her makeup set up.

The trailer is almost a necessity for most on location photo shoots. It’s a good place to store all the garments so they don’t get dirty, and can be organized. It provides a bathroom, changing room and shelter from the sun, heat, or cold for the models and crew members in between shots. It also allows for electricity for curling irons, lights, steamer for the clothes, etc.

She did full hair and makeup on Sara, but I came to the shoot with my makeup done, only needing a touch up. I prefer to do my own makeup since I’m a makeup artist & know what looks best on myself. I used cinema secrets foundation in 65a. Concealer by dermacolor, eyeshadow by Kevyn Aucoin in Fawn. I added my favorite mascara by Loreal Voluminous to my natural lashes then added individual lashes in medium and long lengths to the top lashes for more volume. I filled in my eyebrows with a blonde brow pencil and blended it into the brow with my Sunset Blonde eyebrow brush.
Using Hoola by Benefit and my Cheeky Fan brush from Sunset Blonde, I gave shading and definition to my cheek bones.

Klara the makeup artist added to my face: Gorgio Armani foundation in 5.5 to even out my foundation coverage. Added some highlight to my brows, a custom powder, and a shimmery pink cheek color to the apples of my cheeks by La Femme. She added a highlight to the tops of my cheekbones. The lip color she used was number 126 lip gloss by Chanel.

My hair: I added some clip in hair extensions before arriving at the photo shoot and she added some wave with a hot tools 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron for a beachy wave. She hair sprayed the locks and teased a lot at the crown.

Here is how my final makeup and hair looked for the shoot:

Catering: There was a fully catered table of food, drinks and coffee for breakfast. So many options! I choose a banana, a glass of orange juice, and a quarter of a blueberry muffin. After breakfast I drank a Green Machine juice smoothie from Naked.
The catering is so nice to have at shoots, they usually have healthy options and you can eat and drink whenever you need to. But it’s also very tempting to eat the unhealthy things too . . . 😉

I arrived at 9:30 and we didn’t begin shooting until 11:30. During that time I took photos of the clothing and accessories that will be in the photoshoot.

I love when they organize and label the outfits by model. This tag is attached to the outfit on the hanger, and on the tag it says which shoes I will be wearing with the outfit. When it is organized like this, the shoot moves along quicker.

Sara and I had 9 outfits each to shoot in, which makes for an easier day than a catalog shoot which can have anywhere from 30-70 outfits to shoot. Location photo shoots tend to take much more time for each shot compared to studio shoots. Lighting set up, location scouting, daylight changes, etc can take much longer to adjust for the conditions and in between each shot. Studio shoots tend to use the same lighting and background throughout, so it is just up to the model & how long it takes her to change and to get the right shot.

Flirt Buyer/Stylist Rachel & Model Sara Balint messing around in the clothes rack!

Here are some behind the scenes shots from the different shoot locations throughout the day.

We shot 4 outfits, then broke for an hour lunch. After lunch we shot 5 more outfits. 2 of them with the same hair and makeup look. For the last 3 outfits, they gave us a smokey eye for a night time look. Like we were arriving at out destination for the shoot.

Here is what my smokey eye makeup looked like.

The smokey eye look for the 2nd look.

Model Sara Balint getting made up under the tent with the smokey eye look.

During one of the shots, I got to model in these cute rectangular aviators

. You can purchase them for only $12 on the flirt website.

I wore them in the gold color, they also come in silver.

These are some really sexy, and surprisingly comfortable heels that we modeled in at the shoot. I fell in love with them, and am ordering some in black & silver!

The come in black, gold and silver. a great heel for dresses or with jeans!

For more shopping, check out

Stay tuned for photos of the Billboard & campaign photos!


Sunset Blonde

Here’s the billboard!




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