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CoCo & Cashmere = Gorgeous Hair

14 Apr

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💗”Coco & Cashmere”💗 is my hair secret!


is amazing for taming frizz & conditioning hair, plus doubles as a natural and great body moisturizer! Instead of using synthetic serums, try natural coconut oil instead. A little goes a long way! (I’ve written more about coconut oil- click here)

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I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, and have been using it for years, as a body moisturizer, cuticle oil, hair defrizzer, deep conditioner, and facial moisturizer.  I love the spray version that just recently became available at Trader Joes, you can also find it at the regular grocery stores. I use it all over my body after a shower by spraying it on and then rubbing it in, then what is left on my hands after rubbing it on my body, I then smooth it on the ends of my hair. It’s easier to apply and less messy than the solid version, you can even keep it in your shower and spray yourself down after showering! The best part is that it’s all natural, and even edible. Why not put something on your body, that you can also put in it?

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is the easiest way to achieve fuller & longer hair in just minutes! Get it here: $100 off!!!

I usually always try to leave the house with at least my hair looking fabulous. If I’m running short on time, I will put on less makeup and spend more time on styling my hair. Great hair looks as if you actually have the time (& funds) to treat your hair right.

So many women can’t grow their hair past a certain point. If you are like me, now you can EASILY fake it. Real hair Clip-in Hair extensions are the easiest, fastest, lowest maintenance, and cheapest way to have great hair.

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CASHMERE HAIR is my amazing brand new clip-in hair extension line that just had it’s grand opening and is available to purchase online at As a long time wearer of clip in hair extensions, and always making my own (since I could never find good ones) I decided that it was time to share my hair secret with other women that want amazing hair, without the commitment and cost of the semi-permanent versions. Cashmere hair is the easiest clip in system, with amazingly beautiful quality hair that is as soft as cashmere!

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Sunset Blonde



31 Mar


Hey girls!

Check out my Brand New Company! It’s finally here!

High Quality Clip-In Hair Extensions

Beverly Hills

Click here:



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How are Cashmere Hair Extensions different?​

Hair extensions are not just for adding length. You can achieve volume, texture, chemical free color, highlights and color accents all without the use of harsh chemicals. No longer do you have to wait months or even years to have the look and lifestyle you desire.  Cashmere Hair Extensions will give you instant gratification!

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Owning a set of Cashmere Hair Extensions, not only saves you THOUSANDS of dollars, but is the easiest and most convenient hair extension system.  Salon applied hair extensions are extremely damaging and over priced. Cashmere Hair Extensions are a one time payment, with the convenience of at home custom application. Cashmere Hair provides the perfect alternative to permanent hair extensions and look even better! This is the ultimate DIY system for even the most inexperienced user, that only takes minutes to put in and seconds to remove. With Cashmere Hair you can have salon quality hair with out spending the time or money. ​​

What is the quality of the hair?

​Cashmere Hair is 100% High Quality Cuticle Human Hair. The hair cuticle is facing in the same direction which prevents tangling and matting. This High Quality Hair allows for better blending with your own hair and gives the appearance of natural, healthy looking hair.

What really makes our hair extensions the BEST is our gentle dying process, which takes up to 9 – 12 days.  Other 2 day processes, which rapidly dye hair using heavy acid and chemicals, cause damage to the hair. This heavy chemical processing causes hair to loose vital moisture and nutrition. Instead, our process of dying is a very slow process which is the least damaging to hair and gives you the healthiest quality hair, allowing your hair extension to look their best longest. We take the quality of our product very seriously, which is why we set ourselves apart from other companies on a completely different level of quality & authenticity. We have our strands laboratory tested and certified to be 100% Cuticle human hair, the highest quality available. ​

Other companies mask the harsh chemical process by using silicone to disguise the bad quality of the hair to make it feel silky when you first purchase it. After a few shampoos you might notice that the coating come off, and true nature of the quality is revealed.​


Will Cashmere Hair Extensions damage my hair and how long my extensions last?​

No damage will occur, and unlike traditional salon extensions. Cashmere Hair Extensions should last you anywhere between 6 to 12 months, with proper care and maintenance. Clip-in Hair Extensions can be reapplied and styled daily. If using a curling iron or flat iron, we recommend first styling your own hair, and then styling the clip-ins similarly before clipping in. Although, we always recommend using the least possible heat styling while getting the most uses out of the hair before rewashing. It is not necessary to wash your extensions after every use. Keep in mind, just like our own hair, any type of heat wears on the hair in time. These tips will save your own hair & extensions from extra unnecessary heat styling damage. ​ Tip: Always try and treat your hair extensions with lots of love!

​Can I dye Cashmere Hair Extensions?

​Cashmere Hair Extensions are made of real hair just like your natural hair. It is always recommended to see one of our trained professional hair stylist or a professional you trust to assist you with any changes that you would like made to your hair extensions.  Please choose the hair extension color that is closest to your natural hair color, we do not recommend dying the hair extensions, since many of them have already been specially dyed. Our goal is to supply you with the best quality hair extensions possible, and we have a very special dying process that keeps the hair in the healthiest condition. Further dying could damage the hair if not done by our professionals.

Will Cashmere Hair Extensions be visible, will people be able to tell I’m wearing them?

​No, Cashmere Clip-in Hair Extensions should not be visible. The beauty of Cashmere Hair Clip-extensions is that they make achieving the look of gorgeous hair naturally. Once fitted they are a perfect blend with your own hair. They provide unlimited versatility with a natural look and feel. Our clip-in system is suggested to be worn low on your head making it easy to disguise and blend with your own hair. Part of the secret of wearing hair extensions is blending your hair extensions into your natural hair for the most discrete & natural look.


Will Cashmere Hair Extensions stay in my hair, without slipping out?

​These hair extensions make having the look of gorgeous hair easy, fast and comfortable. With in minutes you will have the gorgeous hair you’ve always wanted. Specially designed small silicone pressure clips allow these hair extensions to be put in and taken off in just minutes and without the worry of sliding or snapping open. Our hair extensions are undetectable and natural looking when inserted properly. No teasing is necessary prior to clipping into hair for most hair types.


​Will Cashmere Hair Extensions work with very thin hair?

If you have very thin hair, Cashmere Hair will definitely be the perfect match for your desirable look. Depending on the severity of the thinning of your hair, you will need enough hair to lie over the top weft to cover it. Backcombing the hair above the top weft can help disguise easier. Ideally you would want your hair to be at least 6 inches long for best results.

What is the length of Cashmere Hair Extensions?

​Cashmere Hair Extensions are 18″-20″ long (47cm-49cm). When worn in the recommended application they automatically layer themselves giving you a more natural look. ​

What color do I choose?

​When choosing a color to match your own hair, choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. Never choose the hair color of your “roots” as that is always darker. The color match blend for your hair will be from your middle length to ends. So choosing a color closest this area of your hair will give you the best results. If your unique hair color is not available in our color chart, the best options is to place a custom order with Cashmere.

​​​Email us at​




Sunset Blonde

Fabulous Rich Girl Hair

14 Jan

Want to look Fabulously Rich this year!? —–> Start with your HAIR.


Thick and healthy hair is frequently a sign of fertility and youth and is thought of most attractive across cultures. Hair length and quality can act as a cue to youth and health. Hair also says a lot about your personal style as much as your clothes and choice of makeup. If our hair looks amazing when we leave the house, our attitude and confidence are high. But if having a bad hair day, it can bring misery and lack of confidence, starting your day off on the wrong foot.

Not all of us our blessed with amazing long full hair, in fact, most people would love to have someone else’s hair. That’s why we go to the hair salon and change it’s color, get hair extensions, and cut it into different styles. These salon treatments can get really expensive, especially if they require frequent upkeep.  But if you want to look expensive, it doesn’t have to come with a steep price tag. The ultimate status symbol, similar to the look of an expensive purse, is expensive looking hair. Expensive hair is shiny, healthy, long, thick, full of life and movement. You don’t need a celebrity hair-stylist to achieve a rich look, here are some quick tips to start you in the right direction.

There are a few things that you can do to achieve this Hollywood hairstyle secret.

Take the time! My best advice for rich looking hair, is always leave the house with at least your hair looking fabulous. Take the time to put on less makeup or just wake up a bit earlier, and spend some extra time on your hair. Healthy hair looks as if you actually have the time (& funds) to treat your hair right.

Fake it, until you make it. This is not only a Hollywood secret for success, but can also be applied when it comes to your hair! So many women can’t grow their hair past a certain point. If that is you, fake it. Real hair Clip-in Hair extensions are the easiest, fastest, lowest maintenance, and cheapest way to have rich girl hair. Using the “hair donut” also gives you the illusion of a full glamorous bun, even if you have shorter or thinner hair, and only costs a few dollars.

Grow it out. Long hair really embodies the idea of rich looking hair. If you can, grow it out, as much as you can, avoid “needing a change” and making the CHOP.

Nurture your hair. This one will take the most time, and is the hardest for a lot of women.  But if you have damaged your hair over the years with salon treatments, color or heat tools, try to instead go Au-nautural and try to quit dyeing it, airdry instead of blowdrying, and give it a nice long break! Breakage is never rich looking. Long, soft, full brown hair, is way better than short broken and damaged blonde strands. Any day.

Wear it down. Wearing your hair down, tends to look like you spent more time on it, than wearing it in a ponytail. The glossy, cascading curls (aka Victoria’s Secret Waves) are a glam style that’s universally chic, you can’t go wrong with long, tumbling waves. This is not only my personal favorite way to style my hair, this is also a style is that frames the face and works with almost any face shape. It never looks “too perfect,” and can last for all day without losing it’s freshness.

Expensive isn’t always better! You can master the color job at home, or find a stylist that you trust at an affordable price. You really don’t need a celebrity hair stylist to get the same results.

Avoid cheap hair looks! Never go over the top, or over do your hair. Cheap hair looks like “too much,” as in too much hair spray, too much crazy highlights or color, trying too-hard style. “Natural-Looking” is always the best look, so don’t be afraid to shake it out a bit when you are done styling, finger comb it out, or even spritz it lightly with water to “unperfect it.”

Practice, and then Practice some more! Mastering a great hair style can take some time. Practice a lot, get a friend’s help, watch youtube tutorials, whatever it takes to master the techniques.

So, if you are going to leave the house, and you want to still look fabulous, don’t leave without fabulous looking hair!


Sunset Blonde

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