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Nail Moment: Gel Manicure in Buff

8 Apr


My Vampire Is Buff OPI Gelcolor is my current color of the moment. A pretty very pale nude color with the long lasting staying power of a Gel Manicure! I’m always picking nude shades, but there are so many different nude shades out there, that I never run out of options. It might be a tad boring, but it’s always classic, natural, and pretty. I feel the most upscale and elegant with a more natural manicure. Sure, its nice to do a little nail art, or express yourself with nail color, but my favorite expression is beauty, and what better way to be beautiful than to tap into & enhance the natural beauty we are all created with?

photo 4

I’m on day 3 of the manicure and it is still in perfect condition. No chips. My favorite part of a gel manicure is that my nails don’t break, like they do with regular polish. It reinforeces them with the strength that my fragile nails need.

I got my nails done at Nails By Design, on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. One of my favorite nail places, they charged me $65 for a gel manicure and a regular pedicure. Which is a pretty good deal for both.  I never get gel on my toes because regular polish seems to stay on my toes for weeks, unlike my nails. I’m so rough on my nails too, buttoning and unbottoning clothes at photoshoots, typing, etc.

photo 2

With my birthday coming up, I’ve been thinking about investing in one of the OPI LED Lights that the salon uses to cure Gel manicures. Apparently LED lights are faster and safer than the UV lights. Although, they are more expensive. I’m on the hunt to spend less by searching on the internet for a good deal. I think that doing it myself will actually save me a lot of money. Gel Manicures last so much longer on me, and are just as easy to apply and remove yourself as regular nail polish if you have the right techniques  (Click here to watch the VIDEO).  The LED Light pays for itself within a few months. I’m going to also try to use my friend’s discount to purchase the actual nail colors and base/topcoats at a PRO shop.


Sunset Blonde


Fabulous Rich Girl Hair

14 Jan

Want to look Fabulously Rich this year!? —–> Start with your HAIR.


Thick and healthy hair is frequently a sign of fertility and youth and is thought of most attractive across cultures. Hair length and quality can act as a cue to youth and health. Hair also says a lot about your personal style as much as your clothes and choice of makeup. If our hair looks amazing when we leave the house, our attitude and confidence are high. But if having a bad hair day, it can bring misery and lack of confidence, starting your day off on the wrong foot.

Not all of us our blessed with amazing long full hair, in fact, most people would love to have someone else’s hair. That’s why we go to the hair salon and change it’s color, get hair extensions, and cut it into different styles. These salon treatments can get really expensive, especially if they require frequent upkeep.  But if you want to look expensive, it doesn’t have to come with a steep price tag. The ultimate status symbol, similar to the look of an expensive purse, is expensive looking hair. Expensive hair is shiny, healthy, long, thick, full of life and movement. You don’t need a celebrity hair-stylist to achieve a rich look, here are some quick tips to start you in the right direction.

There are a few things that you can do to achieve this Hollywood hairstyle secret.

Take the time! My best advice for rich looking hair, is always leave the house with at least your hair looking fabulous. Take the time to put on less makeup or just wake up a bit earlier, and spend some extra time on your hair. Healthy hair looks as if you actually have the time (& funds) to treat your hair right.

Fake it, until you make it. This is not only a Hollywood secret for success, but can also be applied when it comes to your hair! So many women can’t grow their hair past a certain point. If that is you, fake it. Real hair Clip-in Hair extensions are the easiest, fastest, lowest maintenance, and cheapest way to have rich girl hair. Using the “hair donut” also gives you the illusion of a full glamorous bun, even if you have shorter or thinner hair, and only costs a few dollars.

Grow it out. Long hair really embodies the idea of rich looking hair. If you can, grow it out, as much as you can, avoid “needing a change” and making the CHOP.

Nurture your hair. This one will take the most time, and is the hardest for a lot of women.  But if you have damaged your hair over the years with salon treatments, color or heat tools, try to instead go Au-nautural and try to quit dyeing it, airdry instead of blowdrying, and give it a nice long break! Breakage is never rich looking. Long, soft, full brown hair, is way better than short broken and damaged blonde strands. Any day.

Wear it down. Wearing your hair down, tends to look like you spent more time on it, than wearing it in a ponytail. The glossy, cascading curls (aka Victoria’s Secret Waves) are a glam style that’s universally chic, you can’t go wrong with long, tumbling waves. This is not only my personal favorite way to style my hair, this is also a style is that frames the face and works with almost any face shape. It never looks “too perfect,” and can last for all day without losing it’s freshness.

Expensive isn’t always better! You can master the color job at home, or find a stylist that you trust at an affordable price. You really don’t need a celebrity hair stylist to get the same results.

Avoid cheap hair looks! Never go over the top, or over do your hair. Cheap hair looks like “too much,” as in too much hair spray, too much crazy highlights or color, trying too-hard style. “Natural-Looking” is always the best look, so don’t be afraid to shake it out a bit when you are done styling, finger comb it out, or even spritz it lightly with water to “unperfect it.”

Practice, and then Practice some more! Mastering a great hair style can take some time. Practice a lot, get a friend’s help, watch youtube tutorials, whatever it takes to master the techniques.

So, if you are going to leave the house, and you want to still look fabulous, don’t leave without fabulous looking hair!


Sunset Blonde

Gifts Idea For A Dog Lover

28 Nov

I’m a huge animal lover!

I grew up with dogs and cats. I currently have a 6 year old Boston Terrier named Honey, and she is spoiled rotten!

For my birthday two years ago, a girlfriend of mine bought me a Chewnel Purse for Honey, I thought this was so cute!  She still plays with it. You can purchase these “doggie designer” items online, I recommend for the best selection and prices.

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 1.10.18 AM

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 1.11.30 AM

Need a gift for a spoiled doggie in your life? Buy them some Chewy Vuitton! Or Chewnel! They even have “Sniffany” boxes and “Jimmy Chew” shoes. So cute and fun!


Sunset Blonde

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