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CoCo & Cashmere = Gorgeous Hair

14 Apr

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💗”Coco & Cashmere”💗 is my hair secret!


is amazing for taming frizz & conditioning hair, plus doubles as a natural and great body moisturizer! Instead of using synthetic serums, try natural coconut oil instead. A little goes a long way! (I’ve written more about coconut oil- click here)

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I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, and have been using it for years, as a body moisturizer, cuticle oil, hair defrizzer, deep conditioner, and facial moisturizer.  I love the spray version that just recently became available at Trader Joes, you can also find it at the regular grocery stores. I use it all over my body after a shower by spraying it on and then rubbing it in, then what is left on my hands after rubbing it on my body, I then smooth it on the ends of my hair. It’s easier to apply and less messy than the solid version, you can even keep it in your shower and spray yourself down after showering! The best part is that it’s all natural, and even edible. Why not put something on your body, that you can also put in it?

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is the easiest way to achieve fuller & longer hair in just minutes! Get it here: $100 off!!!

I usually always try to leave the house with at least my hair looking fabulous. If I’m running short on time, I will put on less makeup and spend more time on styling my hair. Great hair looks as if you actually have the time (& funds) to treat your hair right.

So many women can’t grow their hair past a certain point. If you are like me, now you can EASILY fake it. Real hair Clip-in Hair extensions are the easiest, fastest, lowest maintenance, and cheapest way to have great hair.

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CASHMERE HAIR is my amazing brand new clip-in hair extension line that just had it’s grand opening and is available to purchase online at As a long time wearer of clip in hair extensions, and always making my own (since I could never find good ones) I decided that it was time to share my hair secret with other women that want amazing hair, without the commitment and cost of the semi-permanent versions. Cashmere hair is the easiest clip in system, with amazingly beautiful quality hair that is as soft as cashmere!

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Sunset Blonde



20 Jun

My NEW FAVORITE Beauty Secret!


Pressed from the fruit of the coconut palm tree, not only is this oil super healthy to eat, but it has amazing uses for the outside of your body as well.

Coconut oil can be used as a skin moisturizer, helping with dry skin and reduces protein loss when used in hair. The best part is that it is natural and without a bunch of chemicals in it. I am loving it right now because my hair and skin are always so dry and I love that I can use just one natural product to moisturize both my skin and hair. I bought the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that comes in a jar from Trader Joe’s. They sell it in the oil section.

This is what coconut oil looks like inside the jar, in a white solid form.

The interesting thing about coconut oil is that it is in a solid form at first. A white solid, and turns into a clear liquid when slightly warmed up. It’s really interesting that it melts into a liquid with the warmth from your hand and body. So you can scoop some into the palms of your hand and rub together and apply to your face, body, or hair.

I’ve been using it on my face in place of a moisturizer at night and before applying my makeup in the morning for a week now and it hasn’t made me break out, and doesn’t make me too oily. If you aren’t too sure about wearing it under your makeup then try just applying it as a night moisturizer. It is great to use just around your delicate eye area as a moisturizer if you are worried about putting an oil on your face, or if you already have oily skin.

I love using it as a body moisturizer, just warm it between your palms and apply it. It also is great after the shower, it soaks in nicely to damp skin.

For my hair I apply it to the ends before blow drying, and they apply more to the ends before using a curling iron or flat iron. It soaks in nicely to my hair and as long as you don’t apply too much, it looks natural and shiny on your ends without looking greasy. Once in a while at nighttime I will apply a good amount to the ends of my hair and put it in a bun to condition it while I sleep, then shampoo and condition in my morning shower as usual.

Other uses:

Use it as a lip balm, hand moisturizer, cuticle oil, shaving oil, add to your bath for moisturizing, as a foot moisturizer, post shower body moisturizer, deep conditioning for hair, as a hair serum, to remove water proof mascara and eye makeup. I’m sure there are a bunch of other creative ways to use it, but that’s just to name a few.

I wanted to have this new amazing love of mine in a smaller to-go size for travel and to easily take with me to photo shoots if I need it, so I got creative this morning. Here is what I did.

I used a mini shampoo bottle that I got from a hotel visit recently. I couldn’t find a small jar in my house, but that would work well too. I chose to use this bottle because the mouth of the bottle was large enough that I could stick my finger in and scoop out the coconut oil if in it’s solid form, and it was for shampoo as it’s prior contents, which I was pretty sure good enough to prevent leaks for when the oils was in the liquid form.

Great tip***  When visiting hotels, even if you don’t like the product inside the mini bottles, take the bottles with you anyways and use them to fill with your own favorite beauty products for travel. I do this all the time, and keep extra ones around for new products or for making my own. I relabel them with my own labels, and remove the original labels*** How to remove the labels? Keep reading….I answer this at the end of this post for you.***

This is the mini shampoo bottle that I decided I wanted to put a travel sized amount of coconut oil in. It has been rinsed, cleaned, and dried

This is the jar of coconut oil, with the oil in it’s solid white form.

Using a butter knife scoop out the coconut oil in small amounts and fill the to-go container.

This is me filling the smaller container.

This is the to-go container filled with the coconut oil in it’s solid white form

This is what the coconut oil looks like in it’s clear liquid form. I just put it up to the hair dryer on a low heat setting and shook it gently a few times until it was all melted.

Now I have a smaller travel- sized container of coconut oil. I can keep the larger one in the kitchen for cooking, so when transferring be careful not to contaminate it in any way. (Liquid form in the small container, solid in the larger container.)

The smaller to-go container from the top view.

To remove the shampoo labels from the bottle, Heat up the label with a hair dryer, and peel off while still warm.

By using the hair dryer to heat up the label, this should also remove the sticky part with the label as you peel. So if it isn’t coming off, blow more heat on it with the hair dryer.

Viola! Coconut Oil by Sunset Blonde!! Lol.

In this photo: I used it as a facial moisturizer and as a hair serum on the ends of my hair and to tame fly-aways for my photo shoot.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, uses, opinions and questions about coconut oil!


Sunset Blonde

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