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Storing False Lashes For Travel & Reuse

14 Jun

photo 4

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect container to store false lashes I wanted to reuse, as well as something that could hold a lot of lashes for travel, since I’m always flying out of the country. . .

I FOUND IT! I Found it!

The perfect plastic container that can easily fit in a large makeup bag, or even in your purse, and can hold 10 or more pairs of lashes PLUS it even has a compartment for holding lash glue! And I managed to squeeze a second Clear lash Glue bottle in there for individuals. The compartments are even 4 slots wide enough to hold the longer strips of lashes, and then there are a 6 smaller slots to store regulars and halfsies.

I found these re-useable plastic containers in the Nail section at Rite Aid (Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS, and other pharmacy/beauty supplies will probably have them too!) This one pictured is by KISS NAILS, and it originally comes stocked with glue on nails and nail glue.


I took all the nails and nail glue out and I am now just using the perfect little container to store my lash strips. There was one by Nailene Nails there as well, but it didn’t have the big slot at the top to store the lash glue tube. . . but it can hold more lashes if that’s what you prefer. So I got the container with nails and glue included for only about $6.00 total. I actually used the nails that came with it too, so they didn’t go to waste, but if you don’t need them, and just need the container, it’s so cheap it’s worth it.


I fit about 15 pairs of lashes inside. I had 5 pairs of Whispies style lashes, that I stacked together.  (So the really thick looking ones you see in the container are actually 5 pairs of the right side, and 5 pairs of the left side stacked on top of each other gently).

photo 2

You can use a label maker if you are really organized to even label your lashes if you wanted to.

Hope this little Beauty Organizing Tip by Sunset Blonde helps you out! It is a great idea also for Pro-Makeup Artists on the go!

photo 1


Sunset Blonde


Long Lash Problems: MASCARA MISTAKES!!

3 Jun

“I have long eye lashes and always tend to get mascara on my eyelid when applying mascara. I do this after my eyeshadow so it then ruins my eyeshadow when I try to get it off with a q-tip. Any tips on how to avoid this??


-Jessica ”


The best way is prevention! I never run into this problem personally, because my lashes are short, and there is a lot of space between my eyelids and my eyebrows. But my sister has this issue and so I interviewed her this morning on how she deals with this problem, and what she does to prevent a mascara mess. She has become good at it because she loves wearing eyeshadow and mascara.

This is also a great tip, not only for women with Long eyelashes, but also women that have a small eyelid, with not a lot of space between their lash line and their eyebrows.

Here is how to prevent getting mascara on your eyelids after you have already applied eyeshadow and eyeliner:

First of all, my sister said that a CURVED MASCARA WAND is a MUST to avoid mascara mistakes! You have to use a curved brush! Helps to be more precise and hugs your lashes, preventing mistakes. It also gives you a little lift and curl. You will have a lot more control with a curved brush.

Straight mascara wands tend to make a big mess when you have long lashes. Using a curved brush you have more control and also helps to curl and shape your lashes in the correct direction.

She recommends using:

Maybelline GREAT LASH Mascara, CURVED BRUSH.

She likes this mascara because it not only has a curved brush that helps her prevent mascara mistakes, but is lightweight and doesn’t clump. It gives her a natural look on her long lashes.

Here are steps to help you achieve applying mascara without mistakes:

1. Tilt head back, open mouth slightly as you look straight ahead into the mirror. Almost like you are looking down. This puts more space between your lashes and your eyelids.

2. While tilting your head really far back, begin applying mascara and try your best not to blink while applying your mascara. Immediately look down and relax while allowing your mascara to dry.

3. To speed up the drying process, use a blowdryer on a cool setting (always use a cool setting) to dry your mascara.

4. Another tip, if you want to curl your lashes is to curl your eyelashes gently AFTER applying mascara. Please don’t press the curler closed all the way, otherwise you will get a hard crease. Plus you run the risk of the mascara sticking to the lash curler and ripping out your lashes. So try to avoid pulling out your lashes. Curling your lashes after applying mascara prevents your lashes from hitting your lids even more.

5. Another option, if simply leaning your head back doesn’t work try this:  When you tilt your head back, use your index finger in a hook shape in front of your eyelid, resting your hand on your cheek to steady your hand.

Try to avoid pressing your finger against your eyelid so that you don’t mess up your eyeshadow. But use your finger to block the lashes from touching your eyelid. It is much easier to remove mascara from your finger, than using a q-tip after to fix mistakes and retouch eyeshadow on your lids.

Girls, try this and let me know if you have any other techniques or tips on how to solve this issue!

Special thanks to my beautiful sister Shaina (left) for your input and answers to this common LONG LASH PROBLEM!

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