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Classy & Classic Jewelry: how to build the perfect jewelry collection

24 Aug

How to build the perfect jewelry collection.

Classic & Classy jewelry inspiration pieces every woman should have in her collection! I have a lot of jewelry pieces that pictured here, or that are very similar. . . Take a closer look at your jewelry collection. Is it time for an update? Get rid of broken or outdated accessories. Here are my rules: 1. Go for better quality, pieces that are real or look real. 2. Diamonds and pearls are always in style. Even CZ and fake pearls look great & it’s hard to tell the difference. 3. Wear simple pieces for daytime & statement pieces for night. 4. Delicate jewelry and simple studs look better than big fake pieces. 5. Buy pieces that work well together and can be mixed and matched. Here is a great article to give you more info and insight on how to build a better jewelry collection : http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/style/costume-jewelry-look-cheap.htm

Classy & Classic Jewelry Favorites

Gucci glass jewelry

Lafonn long earrings

Bow earrings

Rhinestone bangle

Curb chain necklace

Yellow gold bracelet
$11 – newlook.com

Gold jewellery
$7.46 – debenhams.com

Charm jewelry

Logo earrings

The White Tshirt

24 Aug

After some major closet and wardrobe evaluations, I realized how much I love a white tshirt. It has become the go-to staple in my wardrobe that not only makes getting dressed easier, but it is always classic and timeless. Here is an example of how you can wear a white V neck Tshirt paired with white pants (or jeans) to wear as a daytime outfit (pictured with the accessories on the left) or as an evening outfit (paired with the black accessories on the right.)

I love playing around with different looks based around the white Tshirt. It can be dressed up or down, and is the perfect essential piece that is commonly overlooked. So stock up on a nice crisp stack of brand new white Tshirts, or pull the ones you already have out, and on the days where you don’t know what to wear…. Start with a white Tshirt and go from there!!

Sunset Blonde

Beautiful basics

CHANEL Makeup Haul Video

31 Mar


Obsessed! My New Monda Studio LED Makeup Case

4 Mar

Obsessed! My New Monda Studio LED Makeup Case

I attended this year’s The Makeup Show LA, and fell in LoVe! This year was my second year attending, so I knew what to expect and came prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for, was my newest obsession, the Monda Studio LED Makeup Case that I bought for a STEAL at the show!! The glistening bright lights that rim the mirror in the top of the case called to me as I walked by them in the Nigel’s booth, and I couldn’t help but stare in awe of this beautiful invention. I had seen lighted makeup cased before, but they were huge, had actual lightbulbs and were over $1000. The price tag was so reasonable on these cases, and the size was absolutely perfect. I first decided that I would get the smallest size, but at the last minute changed my mind to get the medium sized one.


sunset blonde1

The cases when I first spotted them and fell in love at The Makeup Show LA

sunset blonde2

The MSC-810 LED Lighted Mirror Make Up Station is the one I purchased. I comes on wheels, and has a handle to pull like a suitcase when it is closed and upright. It’s a little on the heavy side, but because it’s on wheels it’s manageable.

The best part, for me, are the lights! They work really well and are LED lights, which last a really long time 30-50,000 hours, you don’t need to replace them, and you can even brighten or dim them for the proper lighting effect! These lights also emit a minimal amount of heat and save 80% of the energy that incandescent lights use  It plugs into an outlet, and just press the button to turn them on, and you are ready to go!

For professional makeup artists, this is a great way to get better lighting on the go, and for personal use, the smaller sized ones are perfect for your own personal vanity!

 It comes in 3 Sizes! (mine is the medium size.)

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 1.16.56 AM


21454_3_ 21454_2_


It’s dimensions are 12.5x19x9.5″

The mirror is 18×11.5″

Sides inside: 12x3x3.5″

Drawers: 11×5.5×1″

Inside Compartment: 10.5x11x2″

Drawers open to 23.5″ wide

Weight: 15 lbs-so as you can see it’s a bit heavy.

It has adjustable storage dividers, and has locks & keys to lock it for security.

I love my new Monda and can’t wait to use it soon!

You can but them here at https://www.nigelbeauty.com/t-mondaled.aspx or you can find them through google for cheaper (like on amazon)!


Sunset Blonde

Less Is More & Buy It Once, Buy It Right

7 Feb

Sometimes good things happen on Instagram

I just wanted to share this recent Instagram post that I did. I got a few great comments and what I think is some great information & answers to questions that girls asked me. I wanted to share it with you all in case you missed it on my Instagram. (Thanks to all the girls for their input and comments!)

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 11.37.26 PM

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So I will start by letting you guys know why I did this post, 2 days ago reorganized my clothing closet and got rid of a bunch of clothes I haven’t worn in the last month. I try to go through my closet often and simplify it, getting rid of the items that I haven’t worn recently, or just realize that I don’t really like anymore. I tend to give things away to friends, neighbors, the cleaning lady, or sometimes goodwill, really anyone that wants it. . .I like knowing that my old things get a new life with someone else. I also go through my shoe closet and I used to have a ton of shoes, the whole thing was filled from ceiling to floor with shoes. A few months ago, I decided that when I comes to my complete wardrobe, Less is More! So, now I really only have about half of the shoes that I used to have, and I really love and wear all of the shoes that are in my closet. I took a photo today of some of my favorite pairs, lined up all pretty on the shelves and wrote a simple caption below it briefly stating some of my favorite wardrobe advice that has helped me a lot.



 Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 11.39.10 PM


“My best fashion advice, and what I have learned over the last year…. Less is more & buy it once, buy it right. Of course trends are always changing, and nothing lasts forever, but when it comes to your wardrobe, it’s better to have less clothes that you will wear more. And if you are going to buy something, don’t buy 10 of the same thing. Its better to spend a little more and get a good quality one, one that you LOVE, one that fits, & looks amazing on you. Also, alterations are super important, find a good tailor that can make that dress fit you perfectly, so that you will actually wear it. If you have nothing to wear & lots of clothes, get rid of all the ones you don’t like, are outdated, don’t fit, etc. What u have left are the items that you actually wear. It is easier to see what you have when it’s not cluttered by all the items that you don’t wear. Don’t hold on to clothes you don’t wear! Don’t forget to keep your closet organized & items in sight so that you know what you have. ***Girls, please feel free to add to this post with your fashion opinions and advice!”


  • northernvagirl: Love the advice! Best part is how you suggest getting things altered to fit perfectly !

  • sunsetblonde: @northernvagirl thanks! I get dresses altered all the time. Altering an item is usually the difference between whether you wear it or not. Clothes need to fit right and be flattering. Sometimes I may like a dress but it’s too big, or the hemline isn’t right. Also, buying something cheap, and getting it altered to fit you perfectly makes it look expensive! *** but can save you hundreds!!! Alterations are not very expensive, and are worth it if you will wear it.

  • lexus9090: @sunsetblonde I’ve been dying to splurge on a pair of loubs. What style do you recommended? All the ones I’ve worn are uncomfortable

  • sunsetblonde: @lexus9090 as pretty as they are, if the don’t fit right you will never wear them. Loubs run narrow and small. I can’t even fit my feet into most of them, so you won’t likely find me wearing them. Try for a more strappy pair, or a slingback style if you don’t find the pumps comfortable. But to be honest, just because they are expensive doesn’t make them comfortable. I love YSL pumps as an alternative to a louboutin pump if you want to splurge. You can also find a trusted shoe repair to alter or stretch them a little. . . Sometimes that helps, but not always.

  • alessiademaria: In looking to purchase a really good pair of basic black heels, I’ve looked at Louboutins and YSL what would you suggest? @sunsetblonde 🙂
  • lexus9090: @sunsetblonde thanks girl! I appreciate it! I will def be looking into the YSL pumps! xx3h
  • sunsetblonde: @alessiademaria both designers make some beautiful basic black pumps. If you can fit into and wear a louboutin, I would buy those, they are classic, and highly recognizable. They won’t go out of style anytime soon! (Like I mentioned above,) loubs are too narrow for my feet and I can’t wear them, so I chose YSLs over loub personally, plus I like the shape of the YSLs a little better. Hope this helps, just make sure you really try them on and they don’t kill your feet. Otherwise they will just be nice to look at. Lol. *** for the girls that can’t spend big $$ and want the same look as the YSLs, try Pour Le Victore pumps in styles “irina or Zimmer”. I also have a few of them and I love them, a beautiful pump, comfortable and way cheaper than the Tribtoo
  • ecuadoll: @sunsetblonde I was browsing your blog I love it! Love the beauty tips & loved the helicopter post! Xo
  • sunsetblonde: @ecuadoll thank you!
  • alessiademaria: Yeah I’ve heard they are narrow and I have a wide foot, so I think I need to try them on to see. Yeah I don’t want to buy them and then they hurt. Are the YSL’s comfortable because I really do like the shape of them. And plus they’re going to be for my 18th birthday 🙂 so I’m just doing my research! The YSL’s would be so much easier to buy in America in Australia there’s not really anywhere so it’s a bit unfortunate.
  • shopwithjenna: I prefer to buy expensive accessories and shoes vs clothing. Clothes change every season! Great advice Rachel hope you are well! Xo
  • evelynkrupa: I love the look of louboutin, own 2 pairs, lady peep and highness, both equally uncomfortable but I don’t go to a marathons in them. I would not buy more, two classics in two basic colors is just enough, and they are good investment, after you get bored with them you can sell them on eBay for almost the same amount you bought them!
  • sunsetblonde: @shopwithjenna <<<<——–FOLLOW HER! She has amazing style and a beautiful closet. Thanks for the comment Jenna, I totally agree with you. You do it right!
  • sunsetblonde: @alessiademaria I wouldn’t say they are comfortable, but they fit my wider feet better than loubs. I can wear them for an evening out, but not all day. I also wear them in 1/2 a size up. Normally I’m a 7.5 but I buy them in an 8/38. ** always try things on, shoes & clothes always need to be tried on to make sure the flatter, fit, and are comfortable.
  • lisavizcarra: @Sunsetblonde Great advice! Thanks!
  • alessiademaria: Aw thank you @sunsetblonde for the great advice! I’m definitely going to have to try them on!!
  • shopwithjenna: Thanks for the shout out babe! Hope all is well with the wedding planning!
  • constanze_schmuckstueck: True!!


Sunset Blonde

Sunset Blonde’s Sheer Leopard Scarf

5 Aug

I keep getting questions from you lovelies about where I bought my Silk Leopard Print Scarf  that I wore in the “Button Up Love” post. Since you can’t get the same one I have, I figured that I would do some research and find other ones that you can buy to get the same look! It’s a nice piece to add to your wardrobe. Leopard print is always super sexy. Since it’s sheer, it’s seasonless- you can wear in the summer as a sarong, or as an accessory to a LBD or tank top, or any other time of the year to accessorize an outfit.

Adrina Schwab:

“I absolutely love the tan leather jacket and the scarf! Where can I get one? Btw you have an AMAZING fashion sense! Thanks! (:”


“I’m obsessed with white/ivory silk shirts and i can’t find any that i really like for a decent price, i’ve looked at banana republic recently and they didn’t have anything- any other suggestions? i also love your sheer leopard scarf! where did you get it?!”

Thanks Adrina & Katie! Hope this post helps!

Here’s a few I found:

Henri Bendel: She Growls Chiffon Scarf

100% silk
• Hand rolled edges
• Imported
• Dimensions: 40″H x 90″W


—-> This one is larger than the one I have, but it is really good quality and really a beautiful scarf-It’s the only one out of these I listed that I’ve actually seen in person.

Brooks Brothers: Leopard Silk Chiffon Scarf

Reg. $98.00  Sale: $49.00            Item # WK00029

Silk chiffon oblong scarf. All-over leopard print. 27″ x 71″. Made in Italy. Dry clean.


—->This one is on sale, so for a silk scarf, that’s a good price. I haven’t seen this one in person and the print is slightly different than the one I have, but will still work.

milanoo: Pretty Leopard Chiffon Women’s


Price $19.99

Buy it in the Coffee/Brown Color


—-> I’ve never shopped at this website before, but this one looks similar to the one I have. It comes in a few different colors, I would get it in the brown color, which I think looks the best. It’s also the cheapest one that I could find for you.

Neiman Marcus: Alexander McQueen

Leopard-Print & Skull Scarf, Camel/Black


Alexander McQueen adorns this seasonless scarf with leopard-print (the new neutral) with tonal signature skulls. Simply wrap, drape, or knot to frame your face and enhance on-trend jewel-toned palettes and neutrals alike.

  • Chiffon with leopard print and skull motif.
  • Ample size offers many ways to drape, wrap, and knot.
  • 53″ square.
  • Silk.
  • Made in Italy


—-> There’s no doubt, Alexandar McQueen scarves are recognizable and gorgeous. This one is the most expensive that I found.  I love the little skulls incorporated in with the leopard print!



I got the jacket at Express. I was looking for a nice tan leather jacket, and I found this one, which is faux leather, but looks real. Great quality and comes in a bunch of colors. I got it in Color: BUTTERSCOTCH. I love that the sleeves unzip and the gold zippers. I bought mine in an xsmall.





Sunset Blonde



Button Up Love

3 Jul

Button Up LOVE!

Lately my go-to wardrobe staple has been a variety of button ups. Denim, silk, plaid, are just a few of my new favorites. I got them at fairly affordable prices, and since I get so much wear out of them it’s worth it to invest in a few different styles and colors. Always classy, always classic.


My favorite ones right now are my denim/Chambray shirts from American Eagle. I have them in 2 colors, but I tend to wear the lighter one more often since it’s more summery. I sort of treat them like an alternative to a jean jacket when it’s too warm to wear a jean jacket. They also go really well with the colored denim trend that is really popular. They also work great with leggings and boots, or even over a bikini!

You can find these shirts in a lot of stores right now since they are very trendy for summer. But here is the link to the one’s I have from American Eagle, and also one from BR:

American Eagle:



Banana Republic:



The plaid top that I have is a really versatile casual piece. I love to wear it with denim cut offs or leggings. It’s a great basic that can be worn with so many different bottoms, and since it’s such a neutral color scheme, I can pair it with so many colors and items in my wardrobe. Here I wore it on a sunny day with shorts and wedges.

I bought mine from Express and it came in a few different colors (tan, pink, blue) I think they are sold out of it though, but look for something similar, I saw some at American Apparel, Hurley, and Guess as well.

I love the color of this minty green one from Hurley for only $18!


I can’t get enough of the silk button ups that are everywhere right now, in all different price ranges! I have 2 from Banana Republic one in ivory and one in coral that I wear the most. These are great fitting and decently priced. I wear these ones for  special occasions, out to dinner with friends, date night, etc. The one down side to these is that you have to dry clean them and they can get dirty fast. That’s why I only wear them when I want a dressier look. Although these are also really great to wear with a pair of jeans or cut offs for summer since they are so light and flowy. They go great with shorts, skirts, jeans, leggings, and are even perfect to wear to work! Here are a couple looks:

I paired it with a sheer leopard scarf, tan leather jacket, wedges and khaki shorts for a summer evening look to dinner and a movie at the Grove.

A silk button up is always classy, always classic and a staple for your wardrobe. You can even wear it with a (high waist) mini skirt for a sexier look, but still keeps it classy and covered on top.


Have a few different styles in Black for a dressier night time look. I have one with skulls, one with the “cold shoulder” look where the shoulders are cut out, and one with embellishments. These are an alternatives to the classic button up with details that enhance the look and dress it up a bit.

Here is the skull top I have that I paired with J Brand Jeans and rhinestone heels from Alba. The skull top is from Shopdivine.com which you can get a %5 extra off discount by typing in “sunsetblonde” code at checkout!

Here is a similar one to the cold shoulder one that I have, except this one isn’t a button up, but it has that same type of feel to it that you can buy from Shopdivine.com   Lovers + Friends Black Daydream Blouse


It’s great to get them in fun colors since bright colors are really in for summer.  As I mentioned above (but not pictured) I have a silk button up from Banana Republic in a coral color. Also, not a complete button up, but it’s a nice alternative, this Magenta one from Haute Hippie:

Whatever your lifestyle is, consider adding one or more of these great button ups to your wardrobe!


Sunset Blonde

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