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Storing False Lashes For Travel & Reuse

14 Jun

photo 4

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect container to store false lashes I wanted to reuse, as well as something that could hold a lot of lashes for travel, since I’m always flying out of the country. . .

I FOUND IT! I Found it!

The perfect plastic container that can easily fit in a large makeup bag, or even in your purse, and can hold 10 or more pairs of lashes PLUS it even has a compartment for holding lash glue! And I managed to squeeze a second Clear lash Glue bottle in there for individuals. The compartments are even 4 slots wide enough to hold the longer strips of lashes, and then there are a 6 smaller slots to store regulars and halfsies.

I found these re-useable plastic containers in the Nail section at Rite Aid (Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS, and other pharmacy/beauty supplies will probably have them too!) This one pictured is by KISS NAILS, and it originally comes stocked with glue on nails and nail glue.


I took all the nails and nail glue out and I am now just using the perfect little container to store my lash strips. There was one by Nailene Nails there as well, but it didn’t have the big slot at the top to store the lash glue tube. . . but it can hold more lashes if that’s what you prefer. So I got the container with nails and glue included for only about $6.00 total. I actually used the nails that came with it too, so they didn’t go to waste, but if you don’t need them, and just need the container, it’s so cheap it’s worth it.


I fit about 15 pairs of lashes inside. I had 5 pairs of Whispies style lashes, that I stacked together.  (So the really thick looking ones you see in the container are actually 5 pairs of the right side, and 5 pairs of the left side stacked on top of each other gently).

photo 2

You can use a label maker if you are really organized to even label your lashes if you wanted to.

Hope this little Beauty Organizing Tip by Sunset Blonde helps you out! It is a great idea also for Pro-Makeup Artists on the go!

photo 1


Sunset Blonde


Wedding Day Makeup DIY

10 Dec

I’ve always preferred doing my own makeup over how anyone else does it. I have always felt like I do it best, even if it wasn’t always the best. Now that I’m a Makeup Artist, after getting professional training, experience, and learning industry secrets, I feel like I can do my makeup better than any one else can for my wedding day. And so can you!!

My wedding is taking place in Norway. A beautiful country that I have fallen in love with, but also a country that is still unfamiliar to me in so many ways. I know already, that I wont be able to find a local makeup artist that can do a better job than I can on my wedding day. So, I decided right away, that I would just do my own hair and makeup. I also recently gave some advice to a friend that was having a destination wedding, who asked me about doing her own makeup.

Here’s my advice for doing your own wedding day makeup:

Don’t stray too far from the makeup routine you usually do, just perfect it by having the right tools and products. You can even higher a professional makeup artist for a private lesson to help and give you pointers. The best wedding makeup, is still looking like yourself! Youtube also has many how-to makeup videos to help.

Do not wear SPF on your big day; it doesn’t photograph well. It tends to reflect the light, even when worn under makeup it can make you look pale or shiny in flash photographs.

Use blotting papers to soak up excess oil during your wedding to avoid caking on too much powder.

And, especially for this day, even though it’s a pain to remove at night, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner!

Find inspiration for your wedding day makeup look. Whether you are experienced with applying makeup or new to it, keep it simple, classic and as natural as possible.

Practice this look on yourself. Many times. I suggest beginning to practice the final makeup choice on yourself at least a month before the wedding.

Get the right products for the look. Long wearing formulas, waterproof, high quality formulas, and the right shades are essential for creating that perfect wedding day look. Buying the right products and shades will help you to look your best on the big day.

Have the right makeup brushes. A great way to not only ensure proper makeup application on your wedding day, but a great investment for your makeup collection everyday. High quality makeup brushes last longer than any makeup, they also ensure easier and more natural application. You can buy great ones I have designed at

If it’s an option, ask a friend to help you on the big day. Ask someone with a steady hand to help you apply that liquid liner, or apply the false lashes on your big day to relieve some stress and any mistakes. It’s a great idea to ask them before the big day, and do a trial run. I recommend waterproof mascara and individual false lashes, because they will look more natural and you wont run the risk of them coming unglued if you tear up.

Bring touch-up Makeup. Things happen during the wedding that can mess up even a professional makeup job. So expect to touch up your makeup every bathroom trip you make. At least try to look at it and make sure everything looks ok. Crying, hugging and kissing, dancing, and even eating can cause your makeup to disappear. Bring a compact with powder to cover shine, lipcolor, and Qtips as the bare minimum. You even ask a bridesmaid to hold it in her purse.

The most important part of your makeup for your big day is evening out your skintone for that flawless bride look, using foundation, concealer under eyes and on blemishes (apply over foundation), and a translucent setting powder.

Remember that a natural look is always best for your wedding day, so NO harsh/super bright colors or extreme sparkle.

Here are some inspirational makeup photos that I found for my wedding day makeup look, which might help you too:


Sunset Blonde

Makeup Forever Shopping

5 Nov

As a professional makeup artist, I love that I get major discounts on makeup. Especially 40% off at MAKEUP FOREVER. I love the brand, and I think they make great quality makeup, have an amazing selection of colors, as well as unique products. Today I visited the Makeup Forever store location on Robertson Blvd with a girl friend of mine. She needed a few things, and I never pass up the chance to go makeup shopping! I got a few repeat items, as well as some new ones, plus they gave me a free gift!

Here’s what I got:

Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow.

I use this as an eyeliner. It has the best staying power, and is easily applied with the Sultry Liner Brush from Sunset Blonde Beauty. It is the perfect product to get the winged cat eye effect, and it also works really well when you desire to rim the water lines of your eye. It stays put better than pencils. I also use it to make a smokey eye look by smudging and blending it.

LAB Shine Diamond Collection Lip Gloss in D 0.

I usually never buy any lip glosses with sparkle, despite my love for things that glitter, for fear of looking like a teen. But this sparkly gloss was one that I just couldn’t pass up. It contains really fine particles of sparkle that just ever so slightly reflect the light. I think this is the perfect clear gloss for a daytime look, and can be layered over a lipstick shade at night for extra glam!

2 Lip Liner pencils in No. 49 and No. 50.

I’m usually not much of a lip liner wearer, but I wanted to buy some new ones in natural shades just to define my lips a little more for special occasions like a Red Carpet event, or photoshoot. I like these neutral shades to blend in with my natural lip color, but still define the lip line. I got one lighter one, and one darker shade in a classic pencil form. No. 50 is a light beige/peachy nude, and No. 49 is a light pinky mauve shade.

Sculpting Blushes in No. 24 Matte fawn & No. 20 Satin blood orange

I love the idea of these two shades being in a pro palette. Seeing them next to each other is really inspiring to actually use these shades as sculpting tools for my cheeks. Using the lighter shade on the apples, and tops of my cheeks, and the darker shades below the cheekbones.

Smokey Lash Extra Black Mascara.

I’m so picky about mascaras, and have gotten tired of buying different brands, and always going back to the same Loreal Voluminous brand that I love. This mascara was a full sized free gift from Makeup Forever that I got with my purchase. The wand is very similar to the Loreal one, but the mascara is a bit thinner, and takes more coats to get a similar effect. This one is a great mascara if you like just a light coat of mascara with NO clumps. .


Sunset Blonde

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