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Storing False Lashes For Travel & Reuse

14 Jun

photo 4

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect container to store false lashes I wanted to reuse, as well as something that could hold a lot of lashes for travel, since I’m always flying out of the country. . .

I FOUND IT! I Found it!

The perfect plastic container that can easily fit in a large makeup bag, or even in your purse, and can hold 10 or more pairs of lashes PLUS it even has a compartment for holding lash glue! And I managed to squeeze a second Clear lash Glue bottle in there for individuals. The compartments are even 4 slots wide enough to hold the longer strips of lashes, and then there are a 6 smaller slots to store regulars and halfsies.

I found these re-useable plastic containers in the Nail section at Rite Aid (Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS, and other pharmacy/beauty supplies will probably have them too!) This one pictured is by KISS NAILS, and it originally comes stocked with glue on nails and nail glue.


I took all the nails and nail glue out and I am now just using the perfect little container to store my lash strips. There was one by Nailene Nails there as well, but it didn’t have the big slot at the top to store the lash glue tube. . . but it can hold more lashes if that’s what you prefer. So I got the container with nails and glue included for only about $6.00 total. I actually used the nails that came with it too, so they didn’t go to waste, but if you don’t need them, and just need the container, it’s so cheap it’s worth it.


I fit about 15 pairs of lashes inside. I had 5 pairs of Whispies style lashes, that I stacked together.  (So the really thick looking ones you see in the container are actually 5 pairs of the right side, and 5 pairs of the left side stacked on top of each other gently).

photo 2

You can use a label maker if you are really organized to even label your lashes if you wanted to.

Hope this little Beauty Organizing Tip by Sunset Blonde helps you out! It is a great idea also for Pro-Makeup Artists on the go!

photo 1


Sunset Blonde


Glitter of the Moment

16 Jun

Nails are always a fun part of yourself to decorate. There are so many options and choices, trends and classics, where do you even start? Nude, two-toned, mulit colored, oval or pointy shapes, ombre, reverse french…Nail art is really big right now! So have fun with it while it is trendy.

Essie told the editors at Glamour Magazine, “it’s the only makeup that you get to see all day!”

Screenshot from Allure Magazine’s Website

This week I’ve been seeing glitter nail polish everywhere, especially in the Gelcolor form. I decided it was too bad that I had never considered glitter before as a nail polish option. I always thought it was too “little girl” like. But since I’ve been seeing it on more than half my girlfriends, I was dying to try it.

From Seventeen Magazine’s website

While running through Target to buy other things, I stopped in the nail department and picked up 2 Essie nail polish glitter colors. A silver glitter “set in stones” and a light pink glitter “a cut above.”

ESSIE’S newest glitter colors

What attracted me to these particular glitter colors were that, #1- Essie is my favorite brand of nail color, great quality and colors, and now available for purchase outside of salons, and #2- The glitter in these polishes ranges in size, from very tiny to medium to large size glitters. The variety makes them unique. As well as the fact that the glitter is all one color, and not the iridescent kind. I’m not a huge fan of the opalescent/iridescent glitter, I think that one tends to look cheap and little girly.

As I have mentioned before in previous nail posts that I’ve done, my nails are really soft and bendable, and therefore nail polish chips off of them within a matter of hours. But this glitter polish has stayed on for 3 days with 3 coats of polish, and after 3 days, I applied 2 more coats. I know that sounds like a lot of coats, but it dries really quickly, and the amazing glitter almost forms like an exrta layer of protection on my nails making them stronger. I couldn’t decide which color I should try first, so I got creative and mixed them. I first applied a layer of my favorite clear nail polish to strengthen my nails. I usually use nailtiques 2 or Nail Tech II.

These clear coats are great for adding strength and protection to your nails, so I always use them as a base coat. I then applied 1 coat of the pink glitter, then briefly after I applied 1 coat of the silver glitter, then another coat of the pink. Alternating the colors worked really well in giving a mixed glitter look, and by adding the silver to the pink glitter on my nails, made it a little less “pink” looking.


It is hard to tell from the photos just how shiny and pretty my nails look, but I love the results, and feel so feminine and sparkly. It’s almost like a metallic polish. And if you know me, I love sparkle! Of course I couldn’t wear this nail polish shade to a photo shoot and get away with it, but it just so happens that I took a little time off this week after my big shoot in Hawaii, and the I’m leaving town with my fiance for a little Get-away tomorrow, so no works = fun polish color opportunity! Yay!



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